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    Default Team speak ?

    Yea hi does any one on this? site use Team speak because sure whould like to speak by voice to explain about Emulators thanks

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    so why no answers ?

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    Default Re: Team speak ?

    It would be much better if you were to ask using text what you need to know. Are you trying to use a specific emulator? Are you just interested in a specific system?

    Yes, voice may be easier but not many people would want to invest time in to helping using a voice program.

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    Default Re: Team speak ?

    Also Team Speak was recently hacked, so therefore it is insecure. Google it, there's heaps of finds.


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    Default Team speak

    Is there a spot on this site that has teams names - we are looking to name our race team and do not want to use a name already in use.


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    Default Re: Team speak ?

    Why nobody can answer?
    I remember from my childhood how I liked to play "Jungle Boogie" game for free with my neighbor. That was veryy good time. Now I can play it only with emulation on my PC

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    I have used team speak but for gaming purposes before. When i used to play counter strike back in 2007, for online tournaments we used to connect through team speak and interact during the game. Similarly, a cheap assignment help service has done several interviews with me on skype and team speak as well.

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    This information is very different from all other stuffs which is very different I really wanted these type of information as I needed some genuine things here, do my coursework online have been working pretty much here for the things here have worked very well for me.

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