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    Smile Yea hi

    Yea hi am very new to Emulators . So can any one please explain where to start because like playing retro games thanks

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    So oh come on its not going to be a load of views and no replies is it. Its why joined this site to get some answers please or maybe should put a females name?

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    there are setions like : sony emulation there are giude how emulate games
    of course you need know what system you prefer :
    8 bits nes,atari if im remeber well
    3d games : playstation,nintendo64
    2d games snes and im think sega
    etc.. etc..
    new realases of emulators are added in section emulator release
    if you find new version example : nestopia(nintendo 8 bit system)
    you add post : nestopia 1.xx like 1.46
    add chanel log of site mean what was improved then link to it
    of course give link is optional
    sadly emulator section are not updated often
    you will see it if you go in emulator zone
    but you must delete forums from link :
    have fun simple emulator guide fce ultra for nes other emulator of this system
    if you look games you write : nes set or playstation set and you will have all games
    as pirate im recomend : here all games
    have fun and hello
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    Yea thanks for answer must ave typed same at last post . But like said am a total newbie to Emulators just whould like to know where to start is anyone on Team Speak that whould b easy?

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    So wat am trying to explain is am starting from scratch am not pc savy? so where do u start mean like u ave to ave zip files ?

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    Some thing like WinRAR ?

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    roms can be unpacked with winrar but also 7zip
    of course mame roms shold be not unpacked
    as i say you need choose sytem and emulator then you looking emulator
    and you pick up newest emulator which you can find
    on emuparadise you have emulator section latest emulators you can also try : emulators too even beta test versions(not official)
    then find guide example above random name emulator + guide
    or find in google emulator name+ how emulate games
    you can also write emulator +set up
    find guide is simple
    you can also find a game and read what is system of this game then find emulator
    example : super mario bros you find in web and then Oh is nintendo 8 bits
    then you looking nes emulator (short term of nintendo emulator)
    you write in web: nes emulator tadah
    you pick up most popular and with highest rating so you know its good and you have tadah
    anyone can ask me in private message or post asking here im know most of best emulators so you will not have junk
    im tested in my life many emulators mostly nes
    and one more thing unpacking roms its not needed now emulators can open archives
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