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Thread: Emulators lagging and screen tearing

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    Default Emulators lagging and screen tearing

    Hello Community!

    I have some Problems with emulating games.

    First ill show you my System Details :

    Intel® Core™ i5-3470 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz)

    Corsair XMS3 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800)

    2x MSI Radeon R9 270X Gaming 2G 2GB GDRR5 (CrossfireX Setup)

    Fatal1ty Z87 Killer

    2x WD Green 2 TB and an Samsung Evo 850 256 gb with Windows 8.1 Pro on it

    I dont rember really but i think till i have Windows 8.1 i have that problem. Every emulator ill use (Snes , Nes , Gb/a) lags rlly hard when much sprites on it but i had it never before. I dont know why. Ill tried out some settings by myself but dont have an fix.

    Maybe anyone can help me with my problem.


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    Default Re: Emulators lagging and screen tearing

    im think its your system you have too good pc for lag of emulators may i ask you defragment you hdd or you have sd do uou clean your pc from dust and add new thermal paste on pc for me only lag when hdd is not defragment or starting fail i read you dont have those problems sometimes error with graphic card : become too hot or error with drivers too old so everyone recomend use latest there are one more thing thermal paste can be old and dry on a graphic card change it is extremaly risky but can help i m remember the same error with my card hd4350 >_> there was no thermal paste just glue >_> i hope you dont have that surprise with your card do steps what i write but not change paste from card you can destroy gpu yes im hardcore last step change system to windows 7 or unlblock everything in your system mean block control like uac in vista ifsomething helps write to me those are steps what i know and as far i do them all works fine my pc ist junk with just 1gb ram kongston intel core2duo 2.8 Ghz hd samsung 329 gb hj (code name hj) and seasonic 450w 80 bronze
    im also know that earlier wersion on wd mean wd caviar green was have techlonogy of energy saving so dont have full speed and performance i hope you dont have disk like that speed of green cant be unlocekd so they slow even old samsung is faster but i see you have tahat type of disk the irony im recomend use something better or just clean pc and change system for emulators what you try everything should work fine defragment disk with software like ultimate defrag best in all disk defragment software tes your disk with victoria and hd tune about what you write i know your disk is much more slower than mine im find on polish sites your wd is very slow compare to my samsung poor you your pc is realy great but disk suck
    if you have something new occur after i write write to me

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    Default Re: Emulators lagging and screen tearing

    jeruka9-san ur info is usually helpful. but in this case I'm going to have to Severely Disagree.

    Iv been out of hardware for a while, but what Im going to say probably still applies.

    like any other technical work, I would not recomend he go digging around and removing components and thermal compound from inside his pc unless he's the right type of person to do so, or has the mentality to learn to do it right. In most unexperienced cases, things will probably just get worse or broken(this is why a lot of used cars have issues aswell, even ppl in shops don't take time to do things right). besides, u can stress test all the components with software before even questioning the hardware.

    defragmenting is obsolete and almost totally useless for average users. SSDs obviously cannot and do not need to be defragged. Modern HDDs with room to spare generally don't need to be defragged either. besides the Drives have nothing to do with game performance, everything is run from RAM.

    It maybe win 8 alone causing the issues. anything above win7 is not ideal for most Emu's, seeing as most were developed back in winXP days. tho Emu's obviously work on win8 I don't know which ones, as I don't use it.

    another possabiliy since u say u didn't have win8 on that pc before... is u may need to find new system drivers that are compatable with win8. Your using ATI crossfire with Intel, ATI was generally known to me more compatible with AMD chipsets, and NVIDIA was generally known more compatible with Intel chipsets. I'm assuming u can find the drivers from the component manufacturers website yourself, most newbs probably don't know tho, the Chipset bus driver for your motherboard is called the SMbus driver.
    Thats the first one u want to check along with any aditional motherboard components drivers, then look at add on component drivers.

    what I think would be the best for all these win8x 10x emu issue posts... would be to simply dual boot with win7 or XP. consiquently is why I never reply to them either, I know they will not do it(most people don't even partition to seperate there OS from StorageData). Its not hard, but it requires a couple things the majority of people just won't do... time, it takes time to reformat and reinstall windows. and u need to learn a few basic linux commands... on MBR it was simple, I havn't done it since then, Now there maybe an aditional step, u have to disable the UEFI bios Safe Boot option (which is really just a hoax to block people from dual booting modern Microsoft OS's)

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    Default Emulators lagging and screen tearing

    iirc the low image message is a sd card compatibility issue. try burning the emulators roms to a cd?

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