I'm playing Super Paper Mario on the Dolphin emulator. I'm using an Xbox 360 controller. I've got the left thumbstick controling the movement, the D-pad controlling the "tilt" function, the right thumbstick controlling the pointer (where Tippi gives you tips about the world you're in and reveals invisible objects), and the triggers as the "forward" and "backward" functions on the IR. The face buttons are the A, B, 1, and 2 buttons.

Well, there's just one problem: By default, Tippi's cursor is pointing dead center in the screen. This pauses the game. The only way I can unpause and actually move left or right is if I hold down the L or R triggers to activate the "forward" and "backward" IR functions. This wears on my finger.

I need the IR function active, since I need the ability to use Tippi to reveal invisible objects. I can play the game at all without that feature.

How do I get the Wii Remote to be off-screen by default?

In case you're wondering ... yes, I have checked the box that says "Wii Remote Sidewa