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Thread: No display after attempting to download Windows 10

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    Default No display after attempting to download Windows 10

    So the other day I saw a notification asking me to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, so I decided to do it.

    It finished downloading, installing updates, then prompted that my pc would restart soon. After my pc restarted, it booted back up but nothing was on my screen besides my tvs (I use a TV as a monitor) default text telling me to select an input.

    When I realized something was wrong I immediately went to Google and searched something generic like "pc on but no display". One of the first solutions that came up was to clear the cmos on my motherboard, so I proceeded to do that. No change.

    I would boot into safe mode but I literally can't see anything on the screen. As I continued to attempt to troubleshoot my pc it sounds almost like it's not booting up fully. My friend said windows 10 was a piece of crap and many people are having this issue or a similar issue.

    My monitor is connected to my pc with a hdmi to dvi cord. Anyone have any ideas on what to do? I would really appreciate the help.


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    Default Re: No display after attempting to download Windows 10

    Reinstall your previous operating system with the CD that came with your computer. Or if the CD gives a restore option, try that.

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