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Thread: RetroPie style system for Windows PC?

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    Default RetroPie style system for Windows PC?

    I've been working with a Raspberry Pi the past couple days to make a table top arcade system. This will just be a prototype system before I design my full size arcade cabinet.

    I really like the setup that you can use with RetroPie, I'm looking to find a similar system to use with a Windows PC. My full size cabinet will be running other high end systems that Raspberry Pi can't handle properly.

    Anyone know of something I can use for this? I've worked with separate emulators on Windows but want to have everything laid out like RetroPie where the user can select the emulator and rom of their choice.

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    Default Re: RetroPie style system for Windows PC?

    I don't think you'll find something exactly like RetroPie, but Libreto/RetroArch is a good solution to having an all-in-one emulator front-end, if that is what you are looking for.
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    Default Re: RetroPie style system for Windows PC?

    There is a version of emulationstation (which is what RetroPie uses as it's frontend) for PC. It won't have everything built in like Retropie but it's easy to add to it. A quick google search will find it.

    Alternative windows software includes HyperSpin, Maxiums Arcade (paid), RetroFE and a new one called Launchbox.

    Hope this helps
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    Default Re: RetroPie style system for Windows PC?

    Use Retro Arch. I agree its perfect.
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    Default Re: RetroPie style system for Windows PC?

    There is also -Attract Mode- that's pretty easy to use. Is has a good support forum too.

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