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Thread: Nitendo Emulator 3D

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    Default Nitendo Emulator 3D

    Hello everybody,
    I'm currently working on a 3D Nes Emulator project.
    Yes what i'm trying to do is convert every nes game into 3D game with all off 3d features like lighting, shadows and even first person view.
    Here are several clips that showcase the current state of my project:

    I'm seeking feedback from the community.
    If you want to know any detail about my project, just add and i will reply.
    Thank you for any suggestion.
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    Default Re: Nitendo Emulator 3D

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    Default Re: Nitendo Emulator 3D

    Hi all,
    The beta release candidature trailer with many new features : better shape segmentation algorithm, transparency, z layers etc ...

    Test Pool contains :
    - DrMario
    - Legend of Ninja
    - Mega Man
    - Super Mario Brothers 3
    - Zelda Link
    - Contra
    - Castle Vania

    Please share your thought.
    The beta release will come soon

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    Default Re: Nitendo Emulator 3D

    why you do such sick and useless thing 8 bits and other roms are good as they was made better make one best emulator with many mappers and great support pixel shaders and filters are optional
    i see and im think you use dx or opengl surface with nes scrolling
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    Default Re: Nitendo Emulator 3D

    Well maybe it's sick and useless for you but not for other people

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    Default Re: Nitendo Emulator 3D

    I personally think it's a nice take on NES emulation, because, who needs the same thing over and over again?

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    Default Re: Nitendo Emulator 3D

    I like the idea. but as jeruka9-san pointed out, I can see it not being popular.. only because people who mostly play such old NES games, i can only guess are probably doing it for nostalgia. jeruka9-san's reaction I can only guess is due to strong nostalgia, or drinking while posting LoL. either way the idea isn't bad like his opinion. But the last vid u posted(only one i watched) looks buggy.

    for me, who has no nostalgia and doesnt mind the idea, wouldn't even bother with it unless maybe it has most bugs worked out.. even then it would be iffy for me, I havn't even used a NES emu yet, one of my first consoles was the SNES not the NES, from random stuff i seen, i don't even know why i would play it as it looks i can play any popular titles it had on the SNES in a better form?

    i never got that far into programming so i don't know how its done, but I'm guessing its going to be buggy for a Lot of misc games for the console, unless u have a customization feature, for example if the various effects can be controlled per layer per game title for perhaps a profile function. Then u can focus on making it bug free for some major titles, and the comunity could build the rest of the neccessary profiles for perhaps less popular games.

    side note, i think its obnoxious to embed a video to a forum, especially for the newbs who don't know how to block the iframes. I get u wan't to expose as many ppl as u can and get as much feed back possible, but u can even more easily just post the link. For me personally if I encounter a new topic with an embeded video or something equally as obnoxious, and its from a non heavily active user, I just leave without even looking at what they said, under the assumption its not worth it, or there a spammer, but that may just be me idk.

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    Default Re: Nitendo Emulator 3D

    Thanks for your sincere sharing

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    Default Re: Nitendo Emulator 3D

    Finally the beta is ready:
    It only runs on Firefox for now.
    Have fun!

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    Default Re: Nitendo Emulator 3D

    Hello every one, long time no see
    I'm here to report my progress on PC Build :



    Feel free to share your thought.

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