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Thread: Wii Emulator PROGRAMERS NEEDED

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    Lightbulb Wii Emulator PROGRAMERS NEEDED

    I have decided to make a Wii emulator.I have no programing experience whatsoever but i would like to manage a emulator .The emulator will be called Weii.If you are interested just post a reply.Im planning to get a website up and running as well as a forum.I am glad to see what will come out of this .

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    Default Re: Wii Emulator PROGRAMERS NEEDED

    This is not how it works. Or pretty much anything works, unless you have a lot of money to spend (to hire people).

    If you already have a project going but need some help with it, people may be more inclined to contribute.

    Think about it: creating emulators is very difficult and requires a high technical skill level. Why would people with such talents work for you? Why wouldn't they just create their own project?

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    I agree.

    I don't recommend coding a Wii emulator first either. Start with something simple like the Game Boy or NES, and especially, contribute something to another emulator and read its code to get what to do and help you out - and read lots and lots of documentation.

    The best thing to do if you're a newbie to coding emulators is to ask about making it so you know what to do, make sure you learn a programming language (C or such) fully and write code before starting the project.

    Also, you could have started with gamecube emulation since GC stuff is close to Wii stuff and probably more simple to emulate by a bit, and there's obviously going to be more documentation.

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    Default Re: Wii Emulator PROGRAMERS NEEDED

    learning is easy hard is get the same motivation if you cant pay them get hobbyists im learning programing alone and i wish help in any project get hobbyist which will love to work you not need pay them

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