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Thread: 1st Time user/Mame Problems

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    Default 1st Time user/Mame Problems

    Installed MAME 0.166 exe. Installed and got a few games to work like Rampage,Double Dragon and NBA Jam but it seems every other game I try to install just won't play. It just gives me an error bout a bunch of missing files and these games don't show up in available games section even after a game/refresh scan. What am I doing wrong? Should I have downloaded a bios pack?

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    I haven't used a GUI Frontend for mame in ages. But if i remember correctly, Doesn't it tell you if the ROM in question requires a BIOS ??

    IF not, mame has the ability to tell you on its own.
    by entering in Command Prompt the following. . just "_Replace_These_" with the actual names in question
    IIRC the command will tell you the name of the Source of the Files in Question in brackets.
    IF the Source name is different than your Rom, Its usualy the name of a required ParentRom or Bios

    "C:\_Path_To_Mame_\mame.exe" -rompath "C:\_Path_To_Roms_" -verifyroms "_Rom_Name_"
    EDIT: Note, exclude ".zip" from the _Rom_Name when used in that cmd
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    Default Re: 1st Time user/Mame Problems

    I try to install Rampage,Double Dragon but it just won't play.

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