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Thread: Xbox - Xenia Emulator (360)

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    Default Xbox - Xenia Emulator (360)

    So I know that most of the uh, emu's for the xbox 360 are fakes but uh, this one's pretty legit as far as I can tell, it's a research project and the like, on github and it runs a few games.

    Was just wondering what you guys think

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    Default Re: Xbox - Xenia Emulator (360)

    Yes, Xenia can play a few games. Details here:

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    hi. I am not good at the emulator on an interesting manner in his operation than you are much Youtube for video one maybe,that it than bullshit. I have pale successes ,that the game but filling starts who freezes. The side does not write an actual machine claim to the EMU rogue for example otherwise what can drive the man into enough doubts because he downloads it vainly so if enough do not know it the specification of the machine.
    Otherwise from my visual angle enough beta phase the program is disappearing because there is not a pale setting opportunity and a neat appearance of his, this does not belong here of course ,but under the discarding of the many versions not much everything changes and the very big part of the games did not blow yet.

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    that link not working, can u post again github link

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    I have used this emulator and I like it
    I like to play games because there are a lot of fun here!

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    Default Re: Xbox - Xenia Emulator (360)

    you forget about cxbx
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