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Thread: burn a dvd error

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    Default burn a dvd error

    what program should I use for a DVD BURNER? I got 2 8.5gb dvds and I want to burn the gta 4 ISOS
    please help

    error pics the my Sony drive is 1.74 is the last version the driver I mean is a Sony dvd rw aw-q170a

    I dunno I have nero 6.6 and doesn't said about dvd but i dunno what other program to tried I also did with ultra iso nero power iso cd burner and many others
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    Default Re: burn a dvd error

    Idk pal, I always use ImgBurn, its been my go to for a while.

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    Default Re: burn a dvd error

    buffer not out ? did you try other software and layoutsettings session refresh(if you make multisession) anyway what is dvd producer :sony?,esperanza? or other few dvd's can have errors in production or you can have problem with your dvd burner like :laser power or even dust test all and look on your hardware tell me/us if sucessful or not
    software doesent matter mater only buffer and burner also your medium condition
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    Default Re: burn a dvd error

    this one he burner by other software packages to see why.
    I still do normal letters okay

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    Default Re: burn a dvd error

    the dvd's were the problem mine were Philips but then I bought Ridata brand and I could burn the dvd thanks

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    Default Re: burn a dvd error

    Basically there are four reasons for a burn error.

    1. sub-standard media - Always use a known-to-be good branded media

    2. debry-laden optical drive - periodically clean the lense with a lense-cleaner CD.

    3. speed burning - do not burn at the maximum speed. Always lower the burn speed, the lower the better.

    4. Multitasking - Although theoretcally with power-horses on your hand multitasking is less troublesome, when it comes to burning prefer to do a single job that is burning and leave it alone doing that one task.

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