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Thread: SWG Darklight NGE/CU/PRE-CU Emulator

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    Default SWG Darklight NGE/CU/PRE-CU Emulator

    Currently in development, Release ETA: May 4th, 2015

    Firstly to explain what game this is it is Star Wars Galaxies. In this game you can build Houses, Factories, Bases, and Cities. You can place anything you loot or create in your house. This game has one of the most intuitive crafting systems ever to be put in an MMO. This server specifically doesn't have the slow combat system of Pre-Cu SWG. It has a fast paced combat system similar to World of Warcraft. And it keeps all the aspects of Pre-Cu Star Wars Galaxies that made it great.

    What exactly is Darklight-SWG? Put simply, it is a hybrid version of SWG. It is not Pre-CU, it is not CU, and it is not NGE. It has elements of all three, but is a completely unique system that is currently in development. Without writing a 100 page thesis on what they are doing with it. Let me give you this short primer. The combat system is fast like NGE, intuitive like pre-cu but will possess none of the drawbacks of pre-cu such as Mind Pool spamming or Dizzy/KD juggling.

    While the NGE had its 9 iconic professions, we are retaining the original 32+ Professions as we feel that creating a template and freedom of choice were important parts of what made SWG great. Jedi will be easily accessible, because they will be nothing special. There will be NO alpha class in Darklight-SWG. If that is something you want, there are other servers offering that. Balance is there primary concern.

    Delivering High quality content is there second highest concern. It is there intention to deliver as much of the content that was available in the NGE as possible, this includes both PvP Battlefields and Heroic instances.

    More info to come, and they are still looking for additional talent for both Development and for other staff positions. Visit there forums by Googling SWG Darklight

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    Default Re: SWG Darklight NGE/CU/PRE-CU Emulator

    Does this have anything to do with emulation, let alone play station?
    Original, the only way to play.

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    Default Re: SWG Darklight NGE/CU/PRE-CU Emulator

    nope i know thread its old but its advertisement of game developer.
    no info about emulating .
    no info about emulators .
    and no info about who and with which crew was made it.
    so its "non agressive" advertisement simply send command : search it ! its awesome !
    user not write it but its sound like that.
    SEO ? or copy writer ?
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