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Thread: What is the game you expect the most?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imadeboomboom1337 View Post
    destinys not on pc
    Yeah, it's a console game! One of the best I believe, at least among the ones I played personally! It's areally adictive game! I found myself thinking that every month I spend about 100-150$ on overgear boost market on different armour, couses and so on. My wife is sad about it!

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    Default Re: What is the game you expect the most?

    I watched the description and video reviews of Ny'alotha raid . Killing 12 bosses is unreal to me. And it was a pity to spend time

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    WoW classic, of course!
    It is worth playing for anyone that enjoys games! I love it because its an experience on its own, the ability to be placed into a living world that is free for you to explore is something else, interacting with other people and making friends along the way. (Although earning wow classic gold is hard... maybe ssegold can help you)

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    What I expect most is FIFA 21!

    The release date of any FIFA is always an exciting time for fans of the franchise. The truth is no matter how much we rage at the previous game we all still buy the next one.

    The previous three FIFA titles have all released on the last Friday in September. It will likely be the same again for the PS4 and Xbox One with versions for the next gen consoles coming later.

    If we base it off the last three releases then FIFA 21 would release on September 25, 2020. It's unknown when it will be released for the PS5 and Xbox Series X as we don't even know when the consoles themselves will come out.

    But still! really excited!

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    Hi, just saw your question in 2015, so do you still need opinions about the game I expect the most? Well, if yes, my answer is definitely WoW Classic.

    Why I love WoW Classic and willing to recommend it to you?

    Iím loving the slow pace and grouping up for quests. Chatting with and getting to know the people in the area youíre questing in. Bumping into the same people in different areas. Getting excited by a grey upgrade. Getting very excited by a bag drop. Drive-by buffing everyone I come across.

    One thing that Iím really enjoying is jumping in and healing or rezzing wherever I can. If I spot someone with 2 or more mobs on them then Iíll stop and keep my eye on them to see if they need help. Especially if itís a warrior or rogue. Probably completely unnecessary but it makes me happy 'cause I know GY runs are a P in the A.

    And I am absolutely loving the professions. When I actually played WoW Classic, as a hunter, my Leatherworking seemed like so much of a faff to level that I gave up on it, leaving me feeling bad seeing all the cool higher level recipes.

    For my new Warrior, even if/when it impedes the characterís leveling/questing, I am making sure to keep my Blacksmithing skill on par or better than my character level so that I can craft my own gear, or just buy them. If I'm short of wow classic gold, I will find other help because it is at once incredibly frustrating farming lower level areas formats because youíre too low level to farm the mats you really want to level skills effectively.

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    I was really looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077, but the sheer number of bugs (click) ruined my first impression a bit. But I still consider this game a masterpiece in any case

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