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Thread: ( game | rom ) ( checksum | hash | verify ) help

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    Default ( game | rom ) ( checksum | hash | verify ) help

    my experience lies with, snes, cps2, neogeo
    which i can just use NSRT and MAME to verify all checksums with.
    although i emulate them with ZSNESW and WinKawaks

    my question includes but is not limited to old roms such as sega genesis, so this is nothing new.. but yeah Iv been out of emulators for a while and that is just one example of a console emu i just never got into in the past.

    what I'm trying to figure out is how to verify roms not contained in the MAME database, I'll use the GENESIS for the example of this question. But info of how to do this for any system not in the MAME database is welcome and ontopic. Such as the PORTABLE app NSRT for outputing SNES CRC's ontop of other functions.

    I'm aware ROMCENTER exists. However personally I find it too shady to use NON-PORTABLE apps to just verify rom's which are emulated by PORTABLE apps... where as a simple CHECKSUM FILE (NO APPLICATION) would suffice for my purpose of rom verification,

    be it CRC MD5 or SHA, any checksum type as long as its correct.
    a perfect example of this in mame command line is
    >mame -listcrc >"C:\path\mame_listcrc.txt"

    I understand this is an old topic, but any hints in the right direction are appreciated. Thx

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    Default Re: ( game | rom ) ( checksum | hash | verify ) help

    MESS has xml-formatted lists of games for the various consoles, including Genesis. It includes the CRC and SHA1.

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    Default Re: ( game | rom ) ( checksum | hash | verify ) help


    LOL Im an Idiot. I didn't realize the xml's for the roms were already contained in the MESS directory and went strait to outputing its XML list command which didn't contain the rom hash's.

    but i found it.

    Thx a lot man, much appreciated. I didn't check the hole list yet of course but at a glance it appears to be exactly what i was looking for. Thx for the tip
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