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Thread: One Emulator To Rule Them All

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    Lightbulb One Emulator To Rule Them All

    I had an idea last week and I figured I would get some opinions before I look into implementation.

    I am interested in making an emulator framework that allows you to plug your emulators into. For simplicity sake, I will be calling it EmulatorOne.

    It will have built in features like game management, net play, controller modification, controller/keyboard shortcuts, video and audio settings, save state management, and memory card management.

    The big part I want to implement is "plug and play" implementation for emulators.

    Lets say you have EmulatorOne and you want to play your favorite Super Nintendo games.

    What you would do is go to Help > Find an emulator...

    That would open a popup window with a list of emulator types Emulator Zone has available. You select a type and then it will get a list of emulators of that type. You click the Install button for the one you want. Install adds all the binaries and packages necessary for the emulator to run.

    You play your game for a while, but found your SNES emulator has a bug and you want to switch to another SNES emulator. Just follow the steps above to find an emulator, then go to File > load in other emulator. Note that Save states will probably not transfer over with this, but saves in memory cards should.

    Another cool feature for this is if these programs have similar graphic/audio settings, you won't have to modify them from one emulator to another and you don't have to learn a whole new setup with each emulator you install.

    With everything looking the same in EmulatorOne, I might be able to incorporate skins for your windows.

    Does this seem like a good idea?

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    Default Re: One Emulator To Rule Them All

    There are two main types of tools to do this, the Front-End and the Core-emu.

    Front ends are so popular its ridiculous. LusSpace QyickPlay EmuEX EmuStation HyperSpin, ect...

    Core-Emu's are like
    MESS - the oldest of its kind.
    Bizhalk- still in dev, one of the best.
    OpenEmu - mac only.
    Original, the only way to play.

    main page - Working controllers

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