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Thread: Need help with iso/cue, no bin.

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    Default Need help with iso/cue, no bin.

    For some reason games like Dead or Alive, Guardian Heros, MK Trilogy and a few others have been giving me cue's and iso's, but not any bin files. I can run the bin but get no music. If I convert the iso to cue/bin, it doesn't include the music path in the cue. Can someone please help me fix that? I'd really appreciate it.
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    Default Re: Need help with iso/cue, no bin.

    Sounds like the converting tool is not indexing the music data right. You could try to burn the iso to disc and re-rip with CDR-win it or try another converting tool.
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    Default Re: Need help with iso/cue, no bin.

    or make a .cue file with the sega cue maker tool

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