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Thread: Anime, who watches it?

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    yah.... they lost all the good shows.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fable
    lol yeah, that's true... do you watch kenshin???
    OVAs, yes. A little of the TV shows. The OVAs were much, much better than the TV eps, if you ask me. They're so much more artistic, not to mention that they detail his past as a hitokiri. On the whole, though, I don't find myself getting sucked into the big names nearly as much anymore. I feel like I'm turning old.

    Lefteris: I wonder if they were referring to the running joke about Inu Yasha and One Piece being the heirs of Dragonball's seemingly infinite number of episodes. Clearly, Naruto's going to be up there, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Froster1990
    Well, If you used to read all the One Piece comics, then some crappy company comes and turn it into some cut, 10 year old show, you'll know what I mean.
    Usually, the anime version is relatively tame already and not quite as fleshed out.

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    yeah, that's true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefteris_D
    That could be said for Naruto, not One Piece.
    Nope, One Piece is first before Naruto, considering when both were released. Furthermore Naruto is more for kiddies.

    Some cut? What cut?

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Haven't watch the current version of that series in which it didn't arrive here as it seemed but felt a bit of dissappointed of the characteristics of all the characters not only the cast (Probably when I played the TMNT.). Especially April O'Neill, supposedly a reporter but not. True, I too missed the old version.

    Inuyasha is not quite but considering the succesion of Ranma in the past times, you can predict that it (Inuyasha) still attract the fans of Ranma.

    OVA? Sometimes they are made good and some are not. Especially X-The Movie which I found out unsatisfied with the end. It has a series but I didn't have that one. Naturally I found out OVAs usually harmonized with the TV series more than being standalone.

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    Hey, who here saw the movie Akira????

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    naruto's very nice cooking master boy!

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    lol I like Kakashi. he's cool

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    Woah, that Macross Zero kicks ass

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    i there problem.
    I Find a fortune and keep it. Who it belongs to and where you got it from are minor details.

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    not a single problem... no, no

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