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Thread: Emulators have no sound

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    Not sure if this is a computer problem or an emulator problem, but I'm trying to run an emulator, the video and controls all work just fine, however I get no sound from any of my emulators. If someone knows what's wrong, I'd really appreciate the help. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

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    You may have your primary speaks set up wrong. Start with the OS and test your speakers. All emulators for the most part just use the primary speaker.
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    So I'm forced to use my laptop's built in speakers? Because I have my laptop's built-in speakers turned off. I use the headphone port because it gives higher audio quality and having both audio devices enabled causes problems.

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    Try different emulators if you can get a hold of them, meaning that a different one might work better. But make sure to scan them for viruses/etc. I run 7 too and found Zsnew (SNES) and Jnes (NES) work well for these systems. (I dont run any other games).
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    How you manage to emulate the games in first place? I have got a DVD of God of War game (PS Version) and i can't even play it on emulator.

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    God of war should be playable on PCSX2. Check the compatibility list here:

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