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Thread: mGalaxy v5.0 released

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    Default mGalaxy v5.0 released

    Hours and hours in development, a lot of additions, listening for (nearly) every users wishes, making mGalaxy more opened, more practical,...more powerful.

    New and updated in this release:

    ? : Xbox 360 controller support.

    ? : Vertical (portrait) theme support.

    ? : Database support extended to all systems.

    ? : Multiple extensions support.

    ? : mGalaxy is now ?portable?.

    ? : Clock display added.

    ? : ?Filtering on Players? notification icon added.

    ? : New key added: ?Info window?

    ? : New key added: ?Pick a random game?

    ? : Change in the way AutoIt scripts are used.

    ? : mGalaxy_Runway: ?Exclusion Words? field.

    ? : mGalaxy_Runway: new ?Use database file (if available)? button.

    ? : mGalaxy_Runway: new ?Import database file? button.

    ? : mGalaxy_Runway: new ?Use script file (if available)? button.

    ? : mGalaxy_Runway: last folder kept in memory.

    ... Note that since v4.0 mGalaxy is multi-emulator compatible!

    Spread the news !!
    More info and download on

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    Default Re: mGalaxy v5.0 released

    There is a larger group of people interested in front ends. Some of us hang out on the QuickPlay front end site. We tend to care very little about the look and more about the set up and config options. Can you post a few shots showing the set up screen and/or config screens per console?

    also with this front end can you show for example the consoles on the left and games on the right, then possible a preview at the bottom. This being more from people that want to use a computer instead of an arcade set up.

    example Ignore the stuff on the left, that not part of the front end.
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