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Thread: VBA-m quality help.

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    Default VBA-m quality help.

    Im new to emulators and stuff like that and i just got the vba-m emulator and everything is working fine except there is one problem, the games look ugly. I have tried changing the filter but i dont like any of them, i just want it to look like im playing my pokemon emerald on a gameboy, i choose the "simple x2/x3(whichever size im using) and it looks very heavily pixelated much more than the normal gba. I appreciate any help you can offer.

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    What kind of forum is this?! 53 views and no reply's???

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    Default Re: VBA-m quality help.

    Those 53 views don't need to be from members, those are most likely from visitors. As far as quality goes, I never felt that any game has looked like crap, and I am not quite sure on what you think will make it look better. At most I enable Vsync, and disable blur. I also like using LCD3x, kinda gives it a genuine GBA screen look.
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    well here's the thing when you take a game that's made for a small screen and put it on a big screen it will not look so good. if you think 2x or 3x looks bad try full screen mode. anyways i think it looks good for what it is.
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