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Thread: AlmostTI for Android Released

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    Talking AlmostTI for Android Released

    Hello, All!

    I have just published the initial Android version of AlmostTI, which emulates graphing calculators made by Texas Instruments:

    AlmostTI will turn your Android device into a fully functioning Texas Instruments graphing calculator. It emulates TI-85, TI-86, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+, TI-83+ Silver Edition, TI-84+ Silver Edition, and TI-73 calculators. And yes, if you have got a tablet, it will make a really big calculator. AlmostTI also lets you save your calculations at any point and then select from several previously saved tasks.

    To run AlmostTI, you will need at least one calculator system ROM. AlmostTI does not include any calculator ROMs on its own, as they are intellectual property of Texas Instruments. You should place your own ROM, preferably dumped from the calculator you own, onto your internal storage. AlmostTI recognizes following ROM files (in upper case):


    For general information about AlmostTI, see its homepage:

    For Android-specific help, please see this web page:

    And to discuss your problems with the author and other users, use this discussion group:

    * Initial release of AlmostTI for Android.
    * To invoke the menu, touch screen above the calculator display.
    * Fixed screen brightness control in TI85/TI86.
    * Fixed accidental exit after loading state.
    * States are now saved in the .STA format.
    * Automatically saving state on exit.
    * Added multiple slots for saving states for each calculator model.
    * Added code to search for calculator ROMs automatically.

    Have fun!
    Marat Fayzullin

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    Cool AlmostTI for Android Released

    Hello, All!

    I am continuing to improve AlmostTI-Android, my TI calculator emulator:

    In AlmostTI 2.0.3, I have fixed TI84+ Silver Edition display and keyboard, improved the toolbar, and added context menu to the ROM selector that lets you reset calculator state.

    * Fixed TI-84+ Silver Edition display and keyboard.
    * Made a nicer, more professional toolbar.
    * Changed calculator type labels in File Selector.
    * Added context menu to the File Selector.
    * Removed extra debug messages.

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    Red face AlmostTI for Android Released

    I have released a new version of AlmostTI, my Texas Instruments graphing calculators emulator. The AlmostTI-Android 2.1 can be found here:

    The new AlmostTI adds support for the TI-81 calculator (you will need TI81.ROM file though), haptic feedback, active button highlighting, and fixes a bunch of emulation issues.

    * Added support for TI-81 calculator model.
    * Added optional haptic feedback (see the menu).
    * Added pressed button highlighting.
    * Fixed TI-83/84 series memory mappers.
    * Fixed TI-84+SE middle button columns.
    * Fixed TI-85 error after restoring state.

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    Talking AlmostTI for Android Released

    I am starting this week with the AlmostTI 2.2 release for Android:

    The new version supports the TI-84+ emulation, as well as newer TI-84+ SE v2.55 ROMs. For TI-84+, you will need the TI84P.ROM file. I have also added emulation for the real time clock (RTC), the FlashROM controller, the hardware assisted MD5 engine, and the 15MHz high-speed mode.

    * Added support for TI-84+ calculator model.
    * Added support for newer TI-84+ Silver Edition ROMs.
    * Added hardware-assisted MD5 engine emulation.
    * Added real time clock (RTC) emulation.
    * Added 15MHz high-speed mode emulation.
    * Added LCD mirror ports emulation.
    * Added FlashROM emulation.
    * Majorly reshuffled source code.

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    Wink AlmostTI for Android Released

    I have published a new version of AlmostTI-Android, my Texas Instruments graphing calcs emulator. The new AlmostTI 2.2.1 is available here:

    In this version, I have added the much requested "magnified" mode with bigger buttons and display. The magnification feature requires Android 3.0+ to work. I have also relaxed the ROM name matching rules, so you can now have your ROM names in lower case ("ti85.rom" vs "TI85.ROM") or with dashes ("ti-84se.rom" vs "TI84SE.ROM").

    * Added "magnified" mode with larger keys and display (needs Android 3.0+).
    * Relaxed ROM name matching, dashes and lower case are now accepted.
    * Made a new application icon.

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    Red face AlmostTI for Android Released

    I have updated AlmostTI-Android, my TI graphing calc emulator, to version 2.2.2, available here:

    In this version, I have added the ability to disable Model Selector, requested by several users who are only interested in running one calculator model. I have also fixed a bunch of things people complained about. The black bands around the display are gone, and the Model Selector now shows icons for all the ROMs. The Freeze/Restore functionality that was missing on tablets is now accessible via the menu.

    * Added option to run the last selected calculator, bypassing model selection.
    * Added a dialog directing users to ROM dumping instructions.
    * Fixed model selector icons for ROMs named in lower case.
    * Removed screenshots from the Freeze/Restore dialog, until fixed.
    * Enabled Freeze/Restore options on tablets.
    * Removed narrow black bands around the screen.
    * Optimized communications from the native side to the Java side.

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    Default Re: AlmostTI for Android Released

    I have released AlmostTI-Android 2.2.3, a new version of my TI graphing calculators emulator:

    Mainly cosmetic changes this time.

    * When AlmostTI finds no ROMs, it takes user directly to dumping instructions.
    * Adjusted magnified screen proportions so that TI-84+ Silver Edition skin fits.
    * Merged "Freeze" and "Restore" into a single "States" dialog.
    * Removed screenshots again, now for sure.

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    Wink AlmostTI for Android Released

    Hello, All!

    I have published AlmostTI 2.2.4 today, a new version of my Texas Instruments calculators emulator:

    This release adds built-in debugger, Freeze/Restore screenshots, and even/odd entry shading in the File Selector, for easier navigation.

    * Added built-in Z80 debugger.
    * Added even/odd entry shading to the ROM Selector, for better navigation.
    * Added proper screenshots to the Freeze/Restore dialog.

    Have fun!

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    Cool AlmostTI for Android Released

    Hello, All!

    The new version of AlmostTI-Android, my Texas Instruments graphing calcs emulator, is now ready for downloading at the Google Play:

    Starting with this version, the ROM Selector will look for ANY files ending with ".ROM" and match them against the list of known calculator firmwares. So, if you have a valid ROM file, you no longer need to name it in any special way, just give it correct file extension and AlmostTI will find it.

    In somewhat related news, you will now need to click on the BACK button twice to exit the emulator, to avoid accidental finger slippage. Or, you can press [2nd][OFF] - that will also work.

    * ROM Selector now finds any known ROM with name ending with ".ROM".
    * For known ROMs, calculator model is determined automatically, by file CRC.
    * Now exiting emulation when user presses BACK twice (not once as before).
    * Uncheck "Doubleclick to Quit" menu item to restore original behavior.
    * Fixed a license verification crash when no network available.

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    Wink AlmostTI for Android Released

    Hello, All!

    I have updated AlmostTI-Android, my TI graphing calcs emulator, to version 2.2.7:

    The previous AlmostTI version only kept one information on one ROM file for each calculator model. In this release, I have made the ROM Selector memorize the complete list of all found firmware ROMs, so that you do not need to rescan every time. Also reordered information dialogs that show up when AlmostTI starts.

    * Now keeping complete list of found ROMs, no need to rescan for less used ROMs.
    * Added explicit "Quit" menu option, for people who cannot find BACK key.
    * Added Twitter button to the change log, use it to keep track of updates.
    * Ordered initial dialogs by importance (About, Change Log, Progress).

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