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Thread: AlmostTI for Android Released

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    AlmostTI, my universal Texas Instruments calculator emulator for Android, just got updated to version 2.9.2:

    This release fixes a few bugs, such as hangup at exit, or a rare crash at startup. See below for details.

    * Fixed hangup on exit where Java code waits for non-existent native thread.
    * Fixed native crash when processing initial commands sent by Java side.
    * Removed outdated features from the EMULib code.

    Have fun!

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    Hello, All!

    I have just updated AlmostTI, my Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators emulator for Android, to version 2.9.3:

    The new version has been rebuilt with a newer Android SDK and stricter compiler warnings. I have fixed all the warnings and also reenabled DropBox support by switching to DropBox APIv2. See below for all the changes.

    * Recompiled sources with "-Wall" and fixed warnings.
    * Switched to DropBox APIv2. DropBox support works again.
    * Switched to a newer android-27 SDK.
    * Now using Android build tools version 27.0.2.
    * Fixed saved state size on 64bit systems.


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    Hello, All!

    AlmostTI 2.9.5, a new version of my TI graphing calc emulator, adds native 64bit CPU support, latest Android SDK support, and the new adaptive icons:

    See below for all the changes.

    * Switched to Android-28 SDK (Pie).
    * Oldest supported OS is now Android-9 (Gingerbread).
    * Added native 64bit ARMv8 support.
    * Added new icons, including adaptive icons.
    * Fixed a possible crash in Java code.
    * Fixed toolbar application links.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fms View Post
    I have updated AlmostTI-Android, my TI graphing calc emulator, to version 2.2.2, available here:

    In this version, I have added the ability to disable Model Selector, requested by several users who are only interested in running one calculator model. I have also fixed a bunch of things people complained about Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox . The black bands around the display are gone, and the Model Selector now shows icons for all the ROMs. The Freeze/Restore functionality that was missing on tablets is now accessible via the menu.

    * Added option to run the last selected calculator, bypassing model selection.
    * Added a dialog directing users to ROM dumping instructions.
    * Fixed model selector icons for ROMs named in lower case.
    * Removed screenshots from the Freeze/Restore dialog, until fixed.
    * Enabled Freeze/Restore options on tablets.
    * Removed narrow black bands around the screen.
    * Optimized communications from the native side to the Java side.
    To run AlmostTI, you will need at least one calculator system ROM. AlmostTI does not include any calculator ROMs on its own, as they are intellectual property of Texas Instruments. You should place your own ROM, preferably dumped from the calculator you own, onto your internal storage. AlmostTI recognizes following ROM files (in upper case):
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    AlmostTI is currently on $2.99 sale:

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