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Thread: AlmostTI for Android Released

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    AlmostTI, my universal Texas Instruments calculator emulator for Android, just got updated to version 2.9.2:

    This release fixes a few bugs, such as hangup at exit, or a rare crash at startup. See below for details.

    * Fixed hangup on exit where Java code waits for non-existent native thread.
    * Fixed native crash when processing initial commands sent by Java side.
    * Removed outdated features from the EMULib code.

    Have fun!

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    Hello, All!

    I have just updated AlmostTI, my Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators emulator for Android, to version 2.9.3:

    The new version has been rebuilt with a newer Android SDK and stricter compiler warnings. I have fixed all the warnings and also reenabled DropBox support by switching to DropBox APIv2. See below for all the changes.

    * Recompiled sources with "-Wall" and fixed warnings.
    * Switched to DropBox APIv2. DropBox support works again.
    * Switched to a newer android-27 SDK.
    * Now using Android build tools version 27.0.2.
    * Fixed saved state size on 64bit systems.


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    Hello, All!

    AlmostTI 2.9.5, a new version of my TI graphing calc emulator, adds native 64bit CPU support, latest Android SDK support, and the new adaptive icons:

    See below for all the changes.

    * Switched to Android-28 SDK (Pie).
    * Oldest supported OS is now Android-9 (Gingerbread).
    * Added native 64bit ARMv8 support.
    * Added new icons, including adaptive icons.
    * Fixed a possible crash in Java code.
    * Fixed toolbar application links.


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