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Thread: Configure You Xbox Emulator Here!

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    Default Re: Configure You Xbox Emulator Here!

    Thank you, I'll try to configure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fable View Post
    Good job donkeyknob! Maybe some people will read this! *hint to newbs*
    OK, you will need to download an emulator. I assume you h Dafont Showbox Adam4adam ave one already? good. To use it, you CAN NOT put your Xbox disc into your computer and play like that. Microsoft don't want Xbox emulators because they lose money selling Xboxes, so they have taken steps in emulation prevention. So you need the files on your computer. The emulator will find default.xbe in whatever directory the game is in. Unfortunately, emulators don't understand the files by themselves... You need an ISO file of the game. Read On
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    Nicely explained. Thanks for sharing. It's useful for me.

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