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    Default Visual Boy Advance - saving games

    I'm having trouble saving games with this emulator. For example, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. This game has it's own save file system. I'll play a bit, save the game onto one of the files, then quit. When I come back, all the files are blank again, as though I never saved at all. Is there a special technique or configuration I must do in order to save games or utalize in-game save functions?

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    You can save games manually in visual boy advanced, instead of the roms, go to file at the top of the emulator and scroll down to save as, save to file 1-10, then when you want to load, go to file, scroll down to the second load option, and load whatever your save option was, it will start you back at the moment you saved.

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    Default Good idea

    Thanks for the info

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    Well i am trying to transfer my visual gameboy saved game to another computer.. i take the folder containg the emulator and the other files contained within it and i copy across my rom.. but when i goto load my files from the quick save slots they arent there anymore... is tehre a place it stores this information outside of the folder maybe :S

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    The quick save files are in your ROMs folder and it has the .sgm extension. The quick save file must have the same name as the ROM to work.

    romname.gba or <-- Rom File.
    romname.sgm <-- Quick Save File.
    romname.sav (VBA 1.7.2) or romname.sa1 (VBA 1.7.2 Link) <-- Normal Save File.

    When transfering the ROM to another computer, check the rom's name and see if the name matchs with the quick save file. If not, simply rename it until it matchs.

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