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Thread: How to merge multiple .bin files into one for MAME .148

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    Default How to merge multiple .bin files into one for MAME .148

    Hey guys, I downloaded a Pac-Mania rom for MAME yesterday, and when I opened the ZIP file I noticed 12 .bin files with different names, I tried to drag and drop all of them into the MAMES Rom folder but MAME couldn't detect the game. When I tried to open anyone of them with PowerISO or WinRAR they can't read it. I tried multiple different ways to merge all of them into one bin file but so for no success. Could someone please help me with this issue, this is really wearing me out.
    ~Thanks, Rameenh

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    Default Re: How to merge multiple .bin files into one for MAME .148

    that could be right, mame files are all zipped up and have funky names like that. Mame looks for the zip file not the extracted files inside so put them back in there. Also when it comes to mame you need to get the game to match the mame version. Each version of mame that comes out, has a new set of game files with it ( more or less). So if you have mame .140 you need the game version .140. Some games dont change so try leaving it in the zip file.

    also there are merged and unmerged sets. If you just download one file you better be getting unmerged.
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    Default Re: How to merge multiple .bin files into one for MAME .148

    Mame is the most annoying emulator ive ever dealt with.

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