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Thread: Decent Arcade Stick?

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    Default Decent Arcade Stick?

    I've done a lot of googling and searching, and found a lot of mixed opinions from a lot of different people, and not being much better off than I was when I started, I thought I'd ask you all for some advice.

    I'm looking for a decent arcade stick that feels good, has nice tactile feel, and won't break the bank. I'm not going to be playing emulated fighting games competitively or anything like that, so I don't need something top of the line, but a sold, well-built USB stick that works on PC would be fantastic. I've heard good things about Hori sticks, like the Mini 3, but I've also heard conflicting reports on how easy it is to use on a PC.

    I'm not setting up a home arcade in a cabinet (not at the moment at least - though that's a dream for another day), or playing in tournaments or anything - I just want a good, solid stick to slap on my desk for emulation sessions that won't give me a lot of headaches.


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    For durability I'd go with the hotrod. But the best is to make it yourself with all the widely accessible parts for building one. You will have to make a box, paint it and do the wiring internally. A 3rd option is to find an arcade unit and rip off the control panel. Then you can get that adapted to usb many ways. Bliss-box does this as a service ( see sig ), email for pricing.
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