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Thread: How to play multiplayer on PSX OR ePSXe

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    Default How to play multiplayer on PSX OR ePSXe

    I currently have both of these Playstation 1 emulators installed on my laptop. Reason being is I can't seem to get the multiplayer function to work on either one of them. What I am trying to do here is use a USB keyboard plugged into my laptop to use as the second controller. The first controller always works with my standard laptop keys. But the USB keyboard never seems to be able to control the second player, no matter what settings combination I seem to try on either emulator. Here's the breakdown of my situation regarding each:

    In the controller settings for this emulator under configuration, there are two "ports." Port one obviously controls player one, and I set the controls how I want to use them on my laptop keyboard (up, down, left, right on my keyboard controls up, down, left and right on the player 1 D-pad, for example). Now when I go to port 2 (which I assume means player 2), I tried to do the same settings, but for the USB keyboard instead so it can act as player 2 (i.e. up, down, left, right on my USB keyboard controls up, down, left and right on the player 2 D-pad).

    However, in the game, this just lets either keyboard have equal control of player 1. So instead, I tried switching the controls up a bit. I kept them the same for port 1, but changed them to completely different keys for port 2 (I switched them so W, S, A, D on my keyboard controls up, down, left and right on the player 2, "port 2," D-pad). Since each "port" (which I assume means player) had their own keys, I thought this would surely work, but I haven't been able to get it to.

    This emulator is very similar to the psx one, but the only major difference is that each "port" (port 1 & 2) has a separate "pad," numbered 1-4. It is obvious to use Port 1--Pad 1 to control player 1, but I am not sure whether to use Port 1--Pad 2 or Port 2--Pad 1 for player 2. There is also a "multitap" function to check on or off for each port, and I am not sure what this should be set to for this to work properly.

    Neither emulator seems to be working right. In racing games, like Crash Team Racing, for example, it lets me go into the player 2 menu, but when it is time to select cars, only the player 1 selection appears. This is frustrating me a lot, and I usually don't resort to forums, but I would really like to get the multiplayer function working for either of these emulators (if not both)! I would prefer not to go out and buy a separate controller, and would rather just be able to use the two keyboards if that is an option. Any help would be appreciated!


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    Default Re: How to play multiplayer on PSX OR ePSXe

    hmm, maybe you should try pSX 1.13, or you could try using an alternate emulator that uses plugins like PCSX - Reloaded. Both are on the main site, so I would check them out.

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