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Thread: Any OLD members still here?

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    Actually, it's MY birthday.

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    What the fuck. People still use forums, its 2077 guys. Its time too let go of our physical manifestations and become one with Yahoo.

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    Wow I haven't been here in a while. But I like to drop by every couple of years to see if it still exists and say hi. I guess I could be considered an OLD member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueshogun96 View Post
    Although I'm more of a lurker than a poster, since I joined, I have a tendency to post a few times, disappear for a few months to a few years, and so on. Given this fact, I haven't kept up with most members here. I can see it's changed quite a bit since I joined, but every once and a while, I come back to say something (that hopefully someone will read or care about).

    Anyone else here from the older days? I mean, like 2005 and earlier? Met a few cool and helpful people here, as I do on every forum. The reason I ask is that I noticed that alot of emulation related forums don't stay the same... meaning they don't always keep that nostalgic feel. Of course as time goes on, no one can expect things to stay the same. Members come and go, and so do trends. Just curious what anyone else thinks... and if there are any members still around from the time frame that I joined.

    Been around the emulation scene since before ZSNES had sound emulation (I used to run the DOS version). So do the math! :P.
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    Wow. Can't believe I remember my login info. I spent many nights on this forum back when I was 14 years old around 2004. vBulletin still looks fresh.

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    I return annually, after getting an email wishing me happy Birthday.

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    I'm an old member... hi!

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