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Thread: Dolwin 0.10 Released!

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    Default Dolwin 0.10 Released!

    The first release of 2005 for Dolwin is here. The important thing in this version is that some games are playable but with no sound. He is the list of the changes:
    • overall source code is rewritten and cleaned-up
    • stable plugin specifications
    • precede video timing
    • improved debugger (more commands)
    • memory cards are finally emulated
    • compressed GCM files feature
    • some HLE optimizations
    • integrated MAP maker for HLE
    • MEGA *ton* of bug fixes (see changes.txt)
    • summary : some games are playable (but slow). no sound yet.
    You can get the new version from here.

    As always please don't ask where you can download games from.
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