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Thread: 3do Emulator help?

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    I'm having a problem getting emulation to work for this system. Not with the emulators themselves. I have no problem getting them to run. The problem is with the roms. All the roms I have are actually iso. files. I know how to mount iso files. I use daemon tools for this and have several iso files that I can mount with no problems. But when I try to mount the iso files for 3do I have obtained from the rom sites I don't have any luck.

    Since the emulators look for the rom file extension my thought was that the rom files were contained in the iso files that I could extract once mounted. I have tried a few files with the iso file extension so its not just one. Am I simply overlooking something? I've had no problems using other emulators in the past. Namely mame but I have to admit defeat here so I'm asking for help. Thanks,


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    I got it. It was the lack of the bios file. You don't mount the image in windows at all. You simply load the .iso file from the app. The first emulator I used was looking for .rom extension. Which threw me off a bit

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