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Thread: Speccy-Android Release News

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    Red face Speccy-Android Release News

    A new release of Speccy today:

    Free version:

    Nag-free version:

    The main change in the Speccy 1.8.2 is the switch to using GLES-accelerated video by default. As the video has become faster, I also increased the number of frames drawn by default, so Speccy should feel much smoother now.

    For those who prefer non-accelerated video, it has also been optimized by switching to Android SurfaceViews and improving the synchronization between Java and native parts of the app.

    Finally, I have added support for the ZX128k ASCII printer, as opposed to the already supported graphics-only ZX Printer. You should now be able to do execute an "LLIST" command in the ZX128k BASIC

    * Added ZX128k printer support.
    * Enabled video acceleration and increased number of drawn frames by default.
    * Enabled SurfaceViews and optimized native thread sync for faster, smoother video.
    * Now showing button labels and keyboard with video acceleration enabled.
    * No longer deleting buttons layout on each upgrade.
    * Added fast navigation with sections to the file selector.
    * Improved the file selector UI look and feel.
    * Enlarged screenshots in the file selector and Freeze/Restore.

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    Default Re: Speccy-Android Release News

    Hello, All!

    I have added the site browser to the newest Speccy 1.9, available here:

    Free version:

    Full version:

    To enter the WorldOfSpectrum browser, click on the compass icon or select it via a menu option. The browser lets you view information about ZX Spectrum software, including screenshots, and run the
    software directly.

    * Added WoS Browser, for instant playback of any Spectrum software from
    * Added Change Log dialog showing up after each upgrade.
    * Added "Leave Feedback" option to the change log dialog.
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    Wink Speccy-Android Release News

    Just released Speccy-Android 1.9.1, with 3D screenshot Gallery and the State Exchange feature:

    Free version:

    Nag-free version:

    * Added State Exchange feature, for swapping saved states with other users.
    * Added 3D screenshot gallery browser to the File Selector.
    * Fixed licensing check problem where app tried checking license on every run.

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    Red face Speccy-Android Release News

    I have released Speccy 1.9.2 for Android this morning:

    Full version:
    Free version:

    The main additions are native support for MOGA gaming controller and the automatic loading of Spectrum tapes (you do not have to type LOAD "" any more). I have also fixed a bunch of bugs, some of which could lead to crashes, and improved the File Selector.

    * Added native MOGA controller support.
    * Now automatically starting BASIC tape loader when using a tape.
    * Fixed hardware FIREA/FIREB buttons on Xperia Play, MOGA, etc.
    * Fixed occassional crash when rotating device.
    * Fixed crash when scrolling Settings with Japanese locale.
    * Now showing current values of all list preferences.
    * File Selector no longer resets when device is rotated.
    * You can now share the latest list of changes from the Change Log.
    * Gallery has got a new background.

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    Red face Speccy Release News

    Published Speccy-Windows 1.9 and Speccy-Android 1.9.4 today:

    The Android version adds support for standard Android gamepads (such as Nyko Playpad) to all parts of the app. I also added iCade joystick support and made File Selector faster.

    * Added standard gamepad support to File Selector, Gallery, and Settings.
    * Added optional iCade joystick support (see Settings).
    * Optimized File Selector by not rescanning folder after running emulation.

    The Windows version adds ZX128 printer support, automatically loads tape images, uses Direct3D instead of outdated DirectDraw, and has proper support for Windows joysticks.

    * Added state saving, with automatic retrieval on startup.
    * Added support for the ZX128 printer.
    * Now automatically starting BASIC tape loader when using a tape.
    * Switched Windows version to use Direct3D in full-screen mode.
    * Added proper Windows joystick support.

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    Wink Speccy Release News

    Hello, All!

    There is a newly released Speccy-Android 1.9.9, my Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator, on the Google Play:

    This release adds the Search Files function and a new toolbar to the File Selector. You should now be able to find your Spectrum files wherever they are on your SD card, something several people complained about. I have also fixed a few crashes and the empty file list problem on devices with no "/sdcard" folder.

    * Added a new, nicer toolbar, fixed at the bottom of the screen.
    * Added File Selector "Search Files" function to search for relevant files.
    * Added Android menu and action items to the Gallery.
    * Pressing SEARCH key in File Selector now searches relevant files.
    * Fixed situation where some people got empty file lists in File Selector.
    * Fixed crash when reporting failed license check.
    * Fixed crash in Settings.

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    Cool Speccy Release News

    Hello, All!

    I have published Speccy-Android 1.9.10 today, a new version of my Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator:

    Free Version:

    Nag-Free Version:

    In this release, I have added a virtual keyboard that looks like a real Spectrum, rather than a generic keyboard I had in the previous Speccy versions.

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    Wink Speccy Release News

    Hello, All!

    I have updated Speccy-Android, my Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator, to version 1.9.11: (full featured version) (free demo version)

    In this version, I have finally fixed the problem with video going black when Android 2.x is rotated. Also added the ability to show the Android status bar, support for analog joysticks, and separate virtual buttons for frequently used SPACE and ENTER keys.

    * Finally fixed accelerated video when Android 2.x device rotated!
    * Added SPACE and ENTER buttons to the virtual joystick controls.
    * Added support for analog controls found on generic Bluetooth gamepads.
    * Now also showing status bar when action bar enabled.
    * Flick finger down to show status bar, even if you have no action bar.
    * Merged Freeze and Restore into single Freeze/Restore dialog.
    * Added State Exchange access to the Freeze/Restore dialog.
    * Collapsed all advanced menu items into single Advanced submenu.
    * Made NetPlay a single checkable menu item.
    * Fixed "Other Apps" link in the "What's New" dialog.

    PS: I have lowered Speccy Deluxe price to $1.99 (or 1.99 euros). People kept complaining that $4.99 was "too much". Let us see if $1.99 is still "too much"
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    Talking Speccy Release News

    Hello, All!

    I have just released Speccy-Android 1.9.13, a new version of my Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator: -- free version -- full version

    The new release comes with the automatic frame-skip option (set "Draw Frames" to "auto"), configurable fast-forward speed, better looking WorldOfSpectrum Browser and File Selector, and many other enhancements. See the full list below.

    * Added shadows to screenshots in the World Of Spectrum browser.
    * Now exiting emulation when user presses BACK twice (not once as before).
    * Uncheck "Press BACK Twice to Quit" setting to restore original behavior.
    * Added "Completely Delete File" to the File Selector context menu.
    * Added "Report Non-Working File" to the File Selector context menu.
    * Added configurable fast-forward speed (x2, x4, x8, or maximal).
    * Added working automatic frame-skip option (set "Draw Frames" to "auto").
    * Now checking "/storage", then "/mnt" when searching for files.
    * Now also searching for .ZIP files.
    * Moga analog directional pad works now.
    * Added even/odd entry shading to File Selector, for better navigation.
    * Added background to State Exchange and NetPlay selectors.
    * Added entry shading to State Exchange and NetPlay selectors.

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    Red face Speccy-Android Release News

    A huge release of Speccy-Android, my ZX Spectrum emulator, today: (full version) (free version)

    Speccy-Android 1.9.14 finally fixes the disappearing sound bug many users complained about. It also brings all the changes I have made to my other emulators over the past month: automatic frame skipping for smoothest possible video, iPega gamepad support, new File Selector UI theme, screenshot shadows, and more. See the complete list below.

    * Fixed disappearing audio.
    * Switched to automatic frame skipping by default, for smooth video.
    * Existing users should manually set "Draw Frames" option to "Automatic".
    * Added optional light UI theme to the File Selector.
    * Fixed screenshot sizes in the File Selector.
    * Added shadows to screenshots throughout the app.
    * Added support for directional pad on iPega gamepads.
    * Added explicit "Quit" menu option, for people who cannot find BACK key.
    * No longer hiding action bar when MENU pressed, to retain access to items.
    * Fixed initial parameter passing to the native code.
    * Fixed automatic frame skip computation based on frame rate.
    * Fixed license verification crash when no network available.
    * Ordered initial dialogs by importance (About, Change Log, Progress).
    * Added Twitter link to the change log, use it to keep track of updates.

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