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Thread: VGBA-Android 3.9.9 with improved Cheatopedia

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    Cool VGBA-Android 3.9.9 with improved Cheatopedia

    Hello, All!

    This week's VGBA-Android 3.9.9 release further automates Cheatopedia by making it automatically detect what game you are playing and memorize the last page you have been on. It also makes things a bit more comfortable for tablet owners, who now can toggle the action bar with a vertical fling gesture. I am still puzzled at the reasons Google had for replacing the MENU button (physical or virtual) with the screen-eating action bar, but at least you can flick it away now in VGBA.

    Get VGBA-Android here:

    Full list of changes:

    * The action bar can now be toggled with a vertical fling gesture.
    * Cheatopedia now remembers the last open entry and reopens it.
    * Cheatopedia automatically opens entry for the current game.
    * Minor fixes to Pokemon Emerald cheats.
    * Minor fixes to Italian translation.

    VGBA-Android 3.9.8 changes:

    * Added screenshots, two more slots, and the autosaved state to the Freeze/Restore feature.
    * Improved GameShark / ActionReplay emulation, more cheats work now.
    * Fixed Mario&Luigi hangup when entering the main city.
    * Fixed Fire Emblem Cheatopedia entry, all Fire Emblem cheats now work.
    * Fixed Porygon2 cheat and added "Buy Master Ball" cheat to the Pokemon Emerald Cheatopedia entry.
    * Made Cheat Editor remove spaces from input and save cheats reliably.
    * Added Italian translation.

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    Default Re: VGBA-Android 3.9.9 with improved Cheatopedia

    Nice.Gotta check it out!

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    Cool VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    The new VGBA-Android 3.9.11 published to the Google Play Market:

    Changes in this version:

    * Fixed "missing M1 board" problem in Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red.
    * Fixed duplicated images/labels in Freeze/Restore.
    * Fixed Final Fantasy 4 cheats in Cheatopedia.
    * Added Final Fantasy 5/6 cheats to Cheatopedia.
    * Added Tales of Phantasia cheats to Cheatopedia.
    * Fixed support for importing 128kB VBA .SAV files.
    * Improved detection of Flash/EEPROM content changes for saving.

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    Default Re: VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Wow that is fast.

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    Wink Re: VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Another morning, another VGBA-Android release:

    In the VGBA-Android 3.9.18, I have added support for patch files in the .IPS format. So, everyone who likes playing JRPGs and other Japanese games should now be able to play them in English, using patches that can be downloaded from here:

    I hope you also like the little labels in the file selector that show which games have saves, cheats, or patches.

    * Added support for .IPS files. For "mygame.gba" use "mygame.ips".
    * Added labels for CHT/SAV/IPS files to the file selector.
    * Added Breath of Fire 2 to the Cheatopedia.
    * Harry Potter & Prisoner of Azkaban now saves games properly.
    * Fixed button labels not showing up on accelerated video.
    * No longer deleting buttons layout on each upgrade.

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    Talking Re: VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Released VGBA-Android 3.9.21 tonight:

    The main changes are smoother, faster non-accelerated video and fixes to the license check code. Basically, trying to make it as unobtrusive as possible, although Google isn't making it easy. The current incarnation should only check once every three weeks and not require any network connection in between. If it does, please, let me know: it has to be fixed.

    * Switched to surfaces for faster non-accelerated video.
    * Further optimized sync between Java and native code for smoother video updates.
    * Made button labels solid.
    * Fixed legacy wire-frame joystick display.
    * Fixed support for FILL patch chunks inside .IPS files.
    * Fixed crash on failed license verification attempts.
    * Fixed the license verification response handler.
    * Made file selector load directory listings faster.
    * Cleaned up file selector labels.
    * Added Mother 3 to the Cheatopedia.

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    Default Re: VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Quick fix release of VGBA-Android 3.9.22 this moning, to fix a non-working Cheatopedia issue reported by some users:

    * Fixed Cheatopedia cheats, sorry for breaking them.
    * Made overlaid buttons stick to the nearest screen edges.
    * Prevented overlaid buttons from going off-screen.

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    Default Re: VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Finishing this week with a VGBA 3.9.23 release:

    Mainly expanding the Cheatopedia with more games, such as Dokapon, Castlevania, and Spyro.

    * Added Dokapon Monster Hunter to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance and Circle of the Moon codes to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Spyro Season of Flame and Season of Ice codes to the Cheatopedia.
    * Made overlaid buttons stick to the nearest screen edges.
    * Prevented overlaid buttons from going off-screen.

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    Default Re: VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    There is a new VGBA-Android release today:

    VGBA 3.9.24 finally lets you enable multiple Cheatopedia cheats at once. This is still somewhat experimental, so I greatly appreciate feedback about this feature. Also added more games to the Cheatopedia.

    * Now can enable multiple Cheatopedia cheats at once!
    * Added FZero Maximum Velocity, GP Legend, and Climax to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Mario Kart to the Cheatopedia.

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    Talking VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Finishing week with a VGBA-Android 3.9.25 release:

    This version makes directional control easier, fixes previously broken tactile feedback option, and further optimizes screen updates by cutting down on the number of copied pixels.

    * Now can enable multiple cheats at once!
    * Made display updates even faster by skipping unchanged areas.
    * Made directional pad easier to control.
    * Fixed tactile feedback feature.

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