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Thread: VGBA-Android 3.9.9 with improved Cheatopedia

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    Red face VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Here goes my first emulator release in 2013. VGBA-Android 3.9.35 is out:

    The main new feature in this version is the ability to tell what game you are playing to your friends on the social networks. Simply select "Share" from the Android menu and choose the social network to share on. I have also fixed the issue with button labels not showing up on some Android 2.x devices. They should work everywhere now. If you are still having problems with the button labels, please, let me know.

    * Fixed button labels and keyboard display on Android 2.x devices.
    * Fixed screenshots quality.
    * Added automatic game title recognition.
    * Added "Share" menu item for letting other people know what game you are playing.
    * Added "Help" menu item to the file selector.
    * Made all "Help" menus point to the FAQ web site section.

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    Wink VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    There is a new VGBA-Android release today:

    VGBA-Android 3.9.36 adds a bunch of Donkey Kong games to the Cheatopedia and fixes minor bugs accumulated from the last few updates. Also, starting with this version, VGBA will show the change log (like the one below) after each upgrade.

    * Added Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2 to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Mario vs Donkey Kong to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Donkey Kong: King of Swing to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added changelog dialog at startup, after upgrade.
    * Removed extra text line from NetPlay and StateExchange lists.
    * Switched all URLs from to

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    Wink VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    This week's VGBA-Android 3.9.38 release adds a 3D file browsing mode similar to the "cover flow" effect:

    To enable this mode, click the "Gallery" button in the File Selector, or select the "Gallery" menu option. You will then see the screenshots for all the games you are currently playing. Also added DemiKids Dark and Light cheat codes to the Cheatopedia, as requested by some users.

    * Added gallery-like 3D browsing mode to the File Selector. Use the picture button or the "Gallery" menu option to enter new mode.
    * Added DemiKids Dark and Light to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added "Rate Me" button to the change log dialog.

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    Wink VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Just a quick VGBA-Android 3.9.39 release to fix the sound echoes:

    * Fixed sound a little. The sound echoes should be gone now.
    * Added Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction to the Cheatopedia.

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    Red face VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    As you probably know, I have been trying to fix the sound echo problem in VGBA. The VGBA-Android 3.9.39, published last week, "fixed" the problem at the cost of breaking one of direct sound channels. The VGBA-Android 3.9.41, released today, really fixes the echo problem, without breaking things. It also comes with cheat codes for Megaman Zero game series and the Metal Slug Advance, and a few other things. Please, give it a try:

    * Found and fixed discrepancy between direct sound channels A/B.
    * Sound echoes are now really gone and the audio latency should be
    * Fixed hangups on Android 2.x device rotation with OpenGLES enabled.
    * Now properly recycling screen buffer bitmaps on exit.
    * Added a few fixes to the Gallery for smaller screens.
    * Added Metal Slug Advance cheat codes to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Megaman Zero, Megaman Zero 2 (US/EU), and Megaman Zero 3 cheat
    codes to the Cheatopedia.

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    Wink VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    This week's VGBA-Android 3.9.43 release fixes a big bunch of bugs many users complained about:

    The sound echoes are now gone, and the app should no longer try checking the license on each run. I have fixed glitches in four games: Breath of Fire 2, Prisoner of Azkaban, Golden Sun, and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Finally, Ghouls and Ghosts and Megaman Battle Network 5 have been added to the Cheatopedia.

    * Removed sound echos and reduced sound latency.
    * Added buffered DMA source/destination address registers. The text in Breath of Fire 2 stopped shaking.
    * Stopped enforcing compression type tags in BIOS routines. Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban glitches are gone.
    * Now properly mirroring writes to OAM and PRAM. Golden Sun map no longer hangs at the south pole.
    * Made CPUSet() BIOS routine verify source address. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones no longer hangs in battles.
    * Fixed licensing check problem where app tried checking license on every run.
    * Fixed possible GBA sound corruption after restoring state.
    * Added Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Protoman to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Super Ghouls and Ghosts to the Cheatopedia.

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    Cool VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    The new VGBA-Android 3.9.44 runs Dragonball Z: Legacy of Goku without glitches, something many users have asked about.

    There is a bunch of other emulation fixes as well. Legend of Zelda no longer crashes, DemiKids Light works, and I have added Megaman and Bass to the Cheatopedia.

    * Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku now runs on VGBA.
    * Fixed Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap crashes.
    * Fixed half-word and word reads from unaligned addresses.
    * Added option to disable SRAM/FlashROM memory area.
    * Made BIOS decompression routines verify src/dst addresses. DemiKids Light works again.
    * Enabled BIOS code display in the debugger.
    * Added Megaman and Bass to the Cheatopedia.

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    Wink VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    The new VGBA-Android 3.9.46 can be downloaded here:

    This is another major bug fix release. The remaining DragonballZ games, Buu's Fury and Legacy of Goku 2, should now run normally. They no longer complain of bad hardware. Also, Final Fantasy 5 will not get stuck in battles any more.

    On the top level, I have optimized the File Selector to work with large directories. It should load faster and be able to handle a lot of screenshots without crashing.

    Finally, I have replaced non-working Legacy of Goku 2 cheats in the Cheatopedia and added more cheats for Super Mario Advance games.

    * Fixed Final Fantasy 5 hangups during battle.
    * Dragonball Z: Buu's Fury no longer complains of bad hardware.
    * Dragonball Z: Legacy of Goku 2 no longer complains of bad hardware.
    * Optimized File Selector to show large directories faster and without crashing.
    * Now showing more file information when there is no screenshot.
    * Fixed alphabetical index in the File Selector.
    * Added new Legacy of Goku 2 codes to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Super Mario Advance codes to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World codes to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island codes to the Cheatopedia.

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    Talking VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    This week's VGBA-Android 3.9.47 has been released to GooglePlay:

    In this version, I have added a bunch of popular game cheats to the Cheatopedia. It is not much, but more updates are coming, including Moga game controller support.

    * Added Advance Wars to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Sword of Mana to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Eragon to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Doom to the Cheatopedia.

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    Thumbs up VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Hello, All!

    I have released VGBA-Android 3.9.48 today:

    Starting with this release, VGBA will show real game names in the File Selector and Gallery. I have also fixed several bugs that could, in some conditions, crash VGBA. Finally, I have added cheats for multiple Dragonball games, Sonic games, Doom 2, and Advance Wars 2.

    * Showing real game names in File Selector and Gallery.
    * Showing all current preference values.
    * Fixed crash when returning from Cheat Editor or Cheatopedia.
    * Fixed crash when rotating device.
    * Fixed crash when Japanese user scrolls Settings.
    * File Selector no longer resets when device is rotated.
    * Gallery has got a new background.
    * You can share Change Log now.
    * Added many Dragonball games to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Advance Wars 2, and Doom 2 to the Cheatopedia.

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