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Thread: VGBA-Android 3.9.9 with improved Cheatopedia

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    A quick fix VGBAnext 5.5.10 release reenables File Selector navigation through unreadable folders, unless it is the root folder:

    Of course, you still won't be able to see any content in such folders, but at least you should be able to continue to the parent folder by clicking on "..". If you do get stuck on some folder, use the "Change Folder" menu option to jump wherever you need to go. Sorry for the trouble caused: trying to figure out the most comfortable solution for all the users. And in case you wondered, VGBAnext is still on sale for $2.99 for the moment.

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    Hello, All!

    The new VGBAnext 5.5.11, published today, fixes a bunch of issues in the Joystick Layout Editor:

    Among other things, the new Layout Editor will let you freely resize the display rectangle in both dimensions, something users requested. Do note that if you make that rectangle too high, the actual GameBoy screen will show up at the top of the rectangle. See below for all the changes.

    * Greatly improved the Layout Editor, fixing many bugs.
    * Layout Editor now lets you resize screen in both dimensions.
    * Screen rectangle will stay centered while resizing.
    * Buttons gravity will be restored when resetting layout.
    * Made states/screenshots deletion more reliable.
    * Fixed hangup on exit where Java code waits for non-existent native thread.
    * Removed outdated features from the EMULib code.


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