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Thread: VGBA-Android 3.9.9 with improved Cheatopedia

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    Talking VGBA Release Announcements

    Hello, Everyone!

    Here is the last VGBA-Android release this year:

    VGBA-Android 4.8.1 adds an option to always show box art over screenshots, fixes hangups when using accelerated video on devices using Mali GPU (Samsung, Rockchip, etc) and makes screenshots display bigger on larger screens. As most people do not like to see any decorations during gameplay, VGBA now hides the title bar by default. Pull it down to reenable.

    * Added "Show Box Art First" option to the File Selector.
    * Fixed OpenGLES lockups on Mali GPUs (Samsung, RK, etc).
    * Fixed flickering border when simulating scanlines on x86 devices.
    * Made screenshots and box art display bigger on large screens.
    * Hiding the title bar is now the default behavior.
    * Fixed premature hiding of the title bar.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Default Re: VGBA Release Announcements

    Hello, All!

    It looks like Google has removed my VGBA app from the Google Play, claiming that "screenshots violate third party intellectual property" and "the application icon looks deceptive". As ludicrous as both these claims are, I am currently talking to Google drones, trying to resolve the issue. As these corporate human replacements are unable to maintain an intelligent conversation and keep responding with canned replies, it looks like I will have to republish VGBA under a new package name, meaning that everyone who needs an update will have to pay for it again.

    Because I do not want people to pay twice for the same thing, I am currently working to extend VGBA with new features that make it worth the extra money. I should have a new version published the next week. In the meanwhile, you can find the new free VGBA-Windows and VGBA-Linux 4.8 packages at the VGBA home page:

    Most changes are platform-specific, optimizing the way GBA screen is rendered.

    Have fun!

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    Default Re: VGBA Release Announcements

    Hello, All!

    As you probably know, a while ago Google has banned my VGBA emulator from the Google Play, citing intellectual property violation by the screenshots. Since arguing with Google corporate drones is impossible nowadays, I had to publish a new emulator package, compliant with all possible objections they might have.

    Meet The Emulator, emulating stuff since 1993:

    I understand that there are many current VGBA users disappointed by losing the app they have paid for and having to pay for a new app. While I cannot do much about it, I have taken two steps to ease your pain and make it worthwhile:

    1) The Emulator now combines both VGBA and VGB functionality. It emulates GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Classic, and Super GameBoy, in one handy package.

    2) For a limited time of two weeks, I am offering The Emulator for $1.99, to let every current VGBA user jump back in. Of course, some new users will use this opportunity as well, as I have no way to tell who is who, but it is ok.

    Have fun and sorry for all the trouble!

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    Default Re: VGBA Release Announcements

    Hello, All!

    As you know, I had to replace the VGBA-Android app, removed by Google, with the new Emulator app. I have since renamed the new app to "VGBAnext", releasing the first major update today:

    Unlike VGBA, VGBAnext supports *both* GameBoy Advance and GameBoy Color games, and also GameBoy Classic and Super GameBoy. In VGBAnext 1.1, I have switched to the Material Design theme, with the flat title bar, new navigation, and light backgrounds. I have also updated all the icons (including app icon) and redesigned menus to make them all work uniformly. People who could not save gameplay for DropBoxed games, should find this bug fixed now.

    Please, note that VGBAnext is available for $1.99 for another week, to let all current VGBA users jump in. This is the best I can do at the moment, with Google disabling the original VGBA.

    * Switched to the Material Design theme.
    * Added new app icon showing both GBA and GB.
    * Added "up" buttons to all title bars.
    * Revised all menus, making them work uniformly.
    * Fixed uploading state back to DropBox after playing.
    * Updated all icons to the newest Lollipop versions.
    * Retired some icons, replacing them with better fitting ones.
    * Removed application name from all title bars, to save space.
    * Now defaulting to the "light UI" mode.

    Have fun!

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    Smile VGBA Release Announcements

    Hello, Everyone!

    The VGBAnext 1.2 for Android is now online and ready for download:

    In this release, I have added initial support for AndroidTV. Unfortunately, not having an AndroidTV, I cannot fully test it. If you have one of these devices, please, try VGBAnext on it and tell me how well it works (or doesn't). I also continued fixing and updating the user interface. The File Selector Grid View has got Lollipop-like tiles, or "cards", and various UI warts in the Gallery, State Exchange, State Selector, and the Palette Editor have been eliminated.

    As I have to start from scratch with VGBAnext (my long running VGBA app banned by Google), I would like to ask anyone who likes VGBA and VGBAnext to review VGBAnext on the Google Play. Please, do waste a minute or two writing that feedback: it really helps me to get more users (something I need) and make a better app (something you need).

    * Added experimental AndroidTV support. Please, test!
    * Added tiles to the File Selector grid view.
    * Fixed screenshots and highlight in the State Selector.
    * Fixed Moga library to work on Android Lollipop.
    * Fixed screenshot sizes int the State Exchange.
    * Fixed black banding in the Palette Editor.
    * Fixed text color in the Gallery.
    * Switched to android-21 API, as required for AndroidTV.


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    Default Re: VGBA Release Announcements

    Hello, All!

    The new version of VGBAnext is now ready for download:

    VGBAnext 1.2.3 further improves the grid view, presenting each game with a raised tile (like Google Play does). On Android TVs, the grid view should come up automagically when you install VGBAnext. Also, the TV users should now be able to reassign their gamepad buttons with the "Assign Keys" option. Once you are done assigning buttons, press the dpad center button to confirm your assignments and close the dialog box. Finally, I have added cheats for 10 more games to the Cheatopedia. Enjoy!

    * Cleaned up and beautified the grid view in the File Selector.
    * When assigning keys, DPAD_CENTER button confirms assignments.
    * Attached original VGBA history of changes to VGBAnext changelog.
    * Added cheats for Bubble Bobble and Butt Ugly Martians.
    * Added cheats for Chessmaster and Colin McRae Rally 2.
    * Added cheats for Donald Duck Advance and Dual Blades.
    * Added cheats for F1 2002 and Flintstones.
    * Added cheats for Cubix: Robots for Everyone.
    * Added cheats for Gem Smashers.

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    Red face VGBA Release Announcements

    Hello, All!

    This week's VGBAnext 1.2.5 release continues lollipopping (lollipooping?) the user interface, adding the top-left corner navigation menu and the optional tiles to the File Selector:

    Please, keep in mind that some menu options have migrated to the navigation menu. To get tiles in the grid view, enable both "Grid View" and "Show Tiles" options. Starting with this release, VGBAnext will also look for a user supplied game database in the /sdcard/VGBAnext/names.dat file. Each line should contain the unique ROM identifier, in the "GBA-xxx*" or "GB-xx..x" format, and the real game name. Finally, I added cheat codes for Prince Of Persia and five Sponge Bob games to the Cheatopedia.

    * You can add your own game names database in "/sdcard/VGBAnext/names.dat".
    * Added navigation menu to the File Selector.
    * Added tile view to the File Selector.
    * Added "up" button to the main emulator title bar.
    * Made "grid view" and "tile view" options separate.
    * Moved File Selector view toggles to the navigation menu.
    * VGBAnext now shows up in the Google Play for AndroidTV.
    * Added Prince of Persia: Sands of Time cheats.
    * Added cheats for five Sponge Bob Square Pants games.

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    Smile VGBA Release Announcements

    Hello, All!

    You can now download the latest VGBAnext 1.2.6 from the Google Play:

    This release fixes the score bar in Pinball Tycoon and probably a bunch of other games, by properly resetting the rotation parameters on VDPCNT register changes. I have also fixed a crash when reporting deprecated package version and added cheats for 13 new GBA and GB games.

    Please note that VGBAnext replaces the original VGBA app banned by Google. So far, I have not been able to make Google reenable VGBA or switch existing VGBA users to the new app.

    * Now resetting rotation when screen mode changes.
    * Fixed score bar in Pinball Tycoon.
    * Fixed crash when detecting an outdated version.
    * Enabled application-wide hardware acceleration.
    * Moved GB options straight into Emulation Settings.
    * Improved "What's New" page formatting.
    * Added Ice Age and Increidble Hulk GBA cheats.
    * Added Iridion3D and Iridion II GBA cheats.
    * Added Karnaaj Rally and Hey Arnold GBA cheats.
    * Added Adventure of Lolo and Catz GB cheats.
    * Added Alfred Chicken and Casper GB cheats.
    * Added Croc and Croc 2 GB cheats.
    * Added Airforce Delta GB cheats.


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    Cool VGBA Release Announcements

    Hello, All!

    VGBAnext 1.3, my universal GameBoy emulator, is now ready for download:

    The new version comes with the floating action button requested by many users. Pressing the button will run the last game you have played. If you do not like the new feature, simply uncheck the "Show Floating Action Button" option in "Settings | General".

    I have got an Nvidia Shield Portable and thoroughly tested VGBAnext on this gaming handheld. The new button assignments let you easily use the File Selector without ever touching Shield's screen. The same assignments should also work with Xperia Play, or any gamepad you may have.

    Finally, there has been a couple of fixes to the GameBoy Classic emulation. The PCM sound pitch problem, so many people complained about, has been fixed. This affects the music in Pokemon Yellow, among other games. I have also fixed the hardware window display, making menus show up in Duke Nukem.

    * Added floating action button that starts the last played game.
    * Added "Show Floating Action Button" option to the Settings.
    * Fixed window display in old GameBoy (Duke Nukem and other games).
    * Fixed legacy wave sound pitch (Pokemon Yellow, Baloon Kid, etc).
    * Removed waveform interpolation for more realistic sound.
    * Optimized legacy wave sound emulation.
    * Optimized controls for Nvidia SHIELD Portable and similar devices.
    * FIRE-R, FIRE-Y, and SELECT buttons open File Selector main menu.
    * FIRE-X button opens File Selector navigation menu.
    * FIRE-L button opens Gallery from the File Selector.
    * FIRE-B button now exits File Selector.
    * Fixed "About VGBAnext" banner.

    Have fun!

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    Cool VGBA Release Announcements

    Hello, All!

    After getting an AndroidTV device (ADT-1), I have been improving VGBAnext for AndroidTV and other gamepad-only Android devices. The newest VGBAnext 1.3.1 adds many optimizations that will make your big-screen gameplay enjoyable:

    First of all, I have added the overscan padding, required to make application fit your TV screen. I have also changed the application banner so that it looks sharper and more similar to built-in app banners.

    On the gamepad front, you should now be able to exit emulation with the BACK key and open the menu with the MODE key. If your gamepad has no MODE or MENU keys, just press A+BACK for the menu. Furthermore, if your gamepad has no SELECT or START keys, X and Y will do their job now.

    The key mapping dialog ("Settings | Input | Assign Keys") has also been changed. Pressing the same key twice unmaps it, pressing it three times confirms the dialog. You can still cancel the dialog with the BACK key at any time.

    As this release contains some major UI changes, I would especially like to know of any problems you are having with it. Please, either email me or post to the EMUL8 discussion forum:!forum/emul8

    * Optimized app for AndroidTV, tested on the ADT-1 box.
    * Added overscan border on AndroidTV devices.
    * Added hints to the emulator and key mapping dialog.
    * Fixed crashes on devices with no web browser (e.g. ADT-1).
    * Replaced AndroidTV banner image.
    * Enabled gamepad-only emulation interface.
    * Press BACK on gamepad to exit emulation.
    * Press MODE or BUTTON_A+BACK to open menu.
    * Press BUTTON_X if you have no SELECT button.
    * Press BUTTON_Y if you have no START button.
    * Xperia CIRCLE button now acts as BUTTON_B.
    * Redesigned key mapping dialog.
    * Press same key twice to remove it from assignments.
    * Press same key three times to confirm key mappings.
    * DPAD_CENTER key no longer confirms key mappings.


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