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Thread: iNES-Android 3.7.2 Published

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    Lightbulb iNES-Android 3.7.2 Published

    Hello, All!

    I have just published iNES-Android 3.7.2, the new version of my NES/Famicom emulator, to the Google Play Market:

    This version comes with the much extended Freeze/Restore feature, fixed Cheat Editor, and some relief for tablet owners, who can now toggle the action bar with a vertical fling gesture. Flinging up hides the action bar, flinging down makes it reappear.

    Here is the full list of changes:

    * The action bar can now be toggled with a vertical fling gesture.
    * Added screenshots, autosaved state, and two more slots to the Freeze/Restore.
    * Added Italian translation.
    * Made Cheat Editor remove whitespace from input and save cheats reliably.
    * Optimized screen updates sync, for better framerates.
    * Fixed cut-off landscape display on Nexus7 and other tablets.
    * File selector now memorizes the last seleted position.
    * Now pausing gameplay immediately when opening Android menu.

    Have fun!

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    Cool iNES-Android Release News

    I have just published the iNES-Android 3.7.4 with the new file selection interface. The file selector now allows fast navigation with the alphabetical sections list, more or less like the address book app. The file selector looks cleaner now, and the screenshots got larger too. Finally, I have added ROM mapper #87, making the Japanese version of Goonies and other Japanese games run. You can get the latest iNES-Android here:

    * Improved the file selector UI look and feel.
    * Added fast navigation with sections to the file selector.
    * Added new toolbar to the file selector.
    * Enlarged screenshots in the file selector and Freeze/Restore.
    * Fixed duplicated images/labels in Freeze/Restore.
    * Added support for mapper #87, used in Japanese Goonies version.
    * Added Cheatopedia to iNES (empty for now).

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    Default Re: iNES-Android Release News

    Good news for all JRPG players and everyone else who likes playing Japanese games. The iNES-Android 3.7.7 released tonight will automatically load and apply .IPS patches, such as English translations. Thus, if you have got a game named "MyGame.nes", name the corresponding patch file "MyGame.ips" and place it into the same place where your game is. Also added mapper #184 and finally fixed the button labels in the accelerated video mode.

    You can download the newest iNES-Android here:

    Lots of NES .IPS patches can be found here:

    * Added support for .IPS patch files. For "mygame.nes" use "mygame.ips".
    * Now showing button labels with OpenGLES acceleration enabled.
    * No longer deleting buttons layout on each upgrade.
    * Added NES mapper #184. Kanshakudama Nage Kantarou no Toukaidou Gojuusan Tsugi runs now.

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    Default Re: iNES-Android 3.7.2 Published

    Please speak English in this forum.

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    Talking iNES-Android Release News

    I have released iNES-Android 3.7.8 today:

    In this version, I have started filling iNES Cheatopedia with cheat codes. So far, I have added 62 games to the list. Other improvements include faster, smoother video, fixes to the patch file handling and GameGenie support, smarter virtual joystick, and
    (hopefully) less obtrusive license verification.

    * Added cheats for 62 games to Cheatopedia.
    * Switched to surfaces for faster and smoother video.
    * Optimized sync between Java and native code.
    * Now disabling cheats on startup.
    * Fixed handling of the FILL patch chunks inside .IPS files.
    * Fixed support for multi-entry GameGenie cheats.
    * Fixed Cheat Editor cheat code input.
    * Fixed legacy wire-frame joystick display.
    * Fixed several bugs in the license verification.
    * Made overlaid buttons stick to nearest screen edges.

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    Red face iNES-Android Release News

    Tonight, I am publishing iNES-Android 3.7.9:

    In this new version, you can enable multiple Cheatopedia cheats at once. I have also made directional joypad easier to control and further optimized display updates. So, give new version a try!

    * Now you can enable multiple cheats at once.
    * Made directional joypad easier to control.
    * Made display updates even faster by skipping unchanged areas.
    * Increased VBlank interrupt delay from 4 to 5 cycles, making Kart Fighter work.
    * Fixed tactile feedback feature.

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    Wink iNES-Android Release News

    There is a new iNES-Android 3.7.10 in the Play Store this morning:

    Starting with this version, you can resize the virtual joystick buttons. Check out the new "Virtual Joystick Size" option in the Settings and let me know if it works for you, or doesn't.

    * Made virtual controls resizable via "Virtual Joystick Size" option.
    * Added automatic frame skip control under "Frames to Draw" option.
    * Added file selector labels for new files and MIDI records.
    * Minor fix to IPS patches.

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    Wink Re: iNES-Android Release News

    I have released iNES-Android 3.7.11:

    The main addition is the State Exchange feature letting you upload your current gameplay state to a server and download states uploaded by other users. I have also fixed a few old bugs.

    * Added State Exchange feature letting users exchange their gameplay states.
    * Now deleting .CHT file when all codes removed in Cheat Editor.
    * Now stopping native thread on startup, in case previous instance has been running.
    * Fixed screen updates in Advanced Settings and Debugger modes.

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    Talking iNES-Android Release News

    I have just released iNES-Android 3.7.12 with the network play capability. Yes, you can now play multiplayer NES games with other iNES users over Internet:

    In order to use NetPlay, follow these steps:

    1. Both players should be running the same game.
    2. The first player should select "Connect NetPlay" from the menu and then choose "Become Server" option.
    3. The second player should select "Connect NetPlay" and choose first player's name from the list of available servers.
    4. Both emulators will now reset and start playing as if they were the same NES box with two gamepads.
    5. Once you are done playing, select "Disconnect NetPlay" on both devices.

    IMPORTANT: Both your devices have to be on the same local network or visible over Internet. You cannot use NetPlay from behind NAT right now.

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    Lightbulb iNES-Android Release News

    Starting this week with the iNES-Android 3.7.13 release:

    This new release improves the file selector, adds configurable virtual joystick shapes, and fixes many bugs in the Cheatopedia interface.

    * File selector now shows ROM/RAM size, mapper type, battery, and other hardware information.
    * Added "Virtual Joystick Shape" setting with two extra shapes, wireframe and invisible options.
    * Added more options under "Virtual Joystick Opacity".
    * Now showing the "NEW" label only for recently changed files.
    * Now saving Cheatopedia path when cancelling cheat selection.
    * Fixed Cheatopedia navigation and disappearing checkmarks.
    * Fixed a couple of NetPlay crashes and localized all messages.

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