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Thread: iNES-Android 3.7.2 Published

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    Red face iNES-Android Release News

    I have published iNES-Android 3.7.15 today:

    The main addition is the ability to share what you are playing with friends. Also, multiple bug fixes, big and small, the most notable fix makes button labels appear on some Android 2.x devices where they did not show up before.

    * Added "Share" menu item for letting others know what you are playing.
    * Added "Help" menu item to the file selector.
    * Fixed button labels and keyboard display on Android 2.x devices.
    * Fixed screenshots quality.
    * Removed extra text line from NetPlay and StateExchange lists.
    * Made all "Help" menus point to the FAQ web site section.
    * Switched all URLs from to

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    Cool iNES-Android Release News

    A new iNES-Android 3.7.16 released today:

    * Added CoverFlow-like 3D screenshot browser to the File Selector.
    * Fixed hangups on Android 2.x device rotation with OpenGLES enabled.
    * Added Change Log dialog showing up after each upgrade.
    * Added "Rate Me" option to the change log dialog.

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    Cool iNES-Android Release News

    Starting week with iNES-Android 3.7.17 release:

    I have optimized the File Selector to better handle large directories with many files. Those who experienced long load times and crashes on such directories will be happy now. Also further relaxed the license check, totally excluding the possibility of checking the license on each run.

    * Optimized File Selector to show large directories faster and without crashing.
    * Now showing more file information when there is no screenshot.
    * Fixed alphabetical index in the File Selector.
    * Fixed licensing check problem where app tried checking license on every run.

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    Talking iNES-Android Release News

    The new iNES-Android 3.7.18 is out on the Google Play:

    I have fixed a few sources of occasional crashes, further improved the File Selector and the Gallery, and made Settings show currently selected values in the list.

    * Fixed occasional crash when returning from Cheat Editor or Cheatopedia.
    * Fixed occasional crash when rotating device.
    * Fixed crash when scrolling Settings with Japanese locale.
    * Now showing current values of all list preferences.
    * File Selector no longer resets when device is rotated.
    * You can now share the latest list of changes from the Change Log.
    * Gallery has got a new background.

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    Red face iNES-Android Release News

    I have published iNES-Android 3.7.19, a new version of my NES emulator for Android:

    This version adds full Moga gamepad support, with configurable buttons, and five more NES memory mappers. There is also the new full-screen joystick option and a few other improvements.

    * Added native MOGA gamepad support.
    * Added MOGA gamepad support to the File Selector and the Gallery.
    * MOGA buttons can now be assigned via "Assign Keys" in Preferences.
    * Added full-screen virtual joystick mode (see Settings).
    * Added support for mapper #26 (Konami VRC6 with A0/A1 bits flipped).
    * Added support for mapper #36 (TXE/MicroGenius).
    * Added support for mapper #38 (Crime Busters).
    * Added support for mapper #41 (Six-in-One multicart).
    * Added support for mapper #42 (hacked FDS games).
    * Now properly finding the internal storage directory, if not "/sdcard".
    * Now locking screen orientation when tilt joystick being used.
    * Added progress dialog to the File Selector.

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    Talking iNES-Android Release News

    I have released a new version of my NES / Famicom emulator for Android, iNES-Android 3.7.20:

    Starting with this version, iNES will show real game names instead of file names, wherever possible. The new version adds full support for standard gamepads (like Nyko) and MOGA gamepads in all parts of the app. There is also iCade joystick support. Finally, the File Selector has become faster: it no longer rescans your entire folder after you quit a game.

    * Now showing real game names in File Selector, whenever possible.
    * Fixed file ID computation to include all eight CRC32 digits.
    * MOGA buttons can now be assigned via "Assign Keys" in Settings.
    * Added MOGA gamepad support to the File Selector and Gallery.
    * Added standard gamepad support to File Selector, Gallery, and Settings.
    * Added optional iCade joystick support (see Settings).
    * Added "Show Real Names" menu option to the File Selector.
    * Optimized File Selector by not rescanning folder after running emulation.

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    Talking iNES-Android Release News

    Hello, All!

    Today's release is iNES-Android 3.7.22, a new version of my NES / Famicom emulator:

    In this version, I continue adding support for less frequently used NES hardware mappers and also for the bus conflicts in the existing mappers. iCade owners will be happy to know that their iCade joysticks are now fully supported, including button assignments (see "Assign Keys" option in the Settings).

    * Added support for mapper #140 (Jaleco JF-11/JF-14).
    * Added support for mapper #144 (Death Race).
    * Added support for mapper #152 (Arkanoid 2).
    * Added bus conflicts to mappers #11, #66, #70.
    * Fixed mapper #11 (Color Dreams) to support Death Race.
    * Fixed rare crash when exiting from emulator to the File Selector.
    * Fixed default iCade button assignments.
    * iCade buttons can now be assigned via "Assign Keys" in Settings.
    * Added iCade support to File Selector, Gallery, and Settings.

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    Talking iNES-Android Release News

    I have just released the iNES-Android 3.7.23 with support for more NES hardware mappers:

    Also optimized the "Soften Video" algorithm in assembler language and gained about 15fps with "Soften Video" option enabled.

    * Added mapper #97 (Kaiketsu Yanchamaru).
    * Added mapper #99 (VS System games).
    * Added mapper #101 (Urusei Yatsura - Lum no Wedding Bell).
    * Added mapper #107 (Magic Dragon).
    * Optimized "Soften Video" algorithm in assembler and gained +15fps.
    * Added sort-by-date mode to the File Selector.

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    Red face iNES-Android Release News

    Hello, All!

    I have published iNES-Android 3.7.24, a new version of my Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator:

    In this version, I have added two new mappers (#163 and #164) used for unlicensed Nanjing games, such as Final Fantasy 5/7 and Pokemon. If you are using a physical joystick or gamepad, the virtual controls will now automatically disappear. Touch the screen to bring them back. Finally, I have moved the File Selector toolbar to the bottom and made it stick there.

    * Added mapper #163 (Final Fantasy VII, Pokemon Yellow).
    * Added mapper #164 (Final Fantasy V).
    * Fixed File Selector toolbar at the bottom.
    * Added option to hide virtual gamepad when using the real one (enabled by default).
    * Added Android menu and action items to the Gallery.
    * Removed extra debug messages.

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    Red face iNES-Android Release News

    Hello, All!

    I have released iNES-Android 3.7.25, a new version of my Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Famicom emulator for Android:

    This release adds three new NES hardware mappers, corresponding to games made by Tengen, Namco (#112, #206), and American Video Entertainment (#113). I have also fixed several crash sources and added my new emulator, AlmostTI, to the toolbar.

    * Added mapper #112 (stripped down MMC3 used by Tengen and Namco).
    * Added mapper #113 (American Video Entertainment Nina-03/06 boards).
    * Added mapper #206 (Tengen MIMIC-01, Namcot 118).
    * Added new AlmostTI icon to the File Selector toolbar.
    * Fixed situation where some people got empty file lists in File Selector.
    * Fixed a rare crash when reporting failed license check.
    * Fixed crash in the Cheat Editor.
    * Fixed crash in Settings.

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