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Thread: Post your youtube account

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    Its simple.First go to Youtube.At the top you will find "Register" click it.Then give all the information and your good to go.

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    hey I hope you like my account I do different things like, magic, minecraft and soon to be exob gaming.
    please leave a sub, I sub back if u tell me your account name

    my youtube name : StopLaughingNOW
    the 00's in my name are there because it was my old name but I took them of

    many thanks

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    Here's mine:
    It's mainly about retrogaming, but I also look at the video game industry and games for recent platforms, such as PlayStation 2 and XboX360

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    When You Hit your Opponent to The Air , It's Time For an Air Combo

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    i don't have youtube account...

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    Thank God. YouTube sometimes hides less known videos altogether from search.

    I tagged my video 'smw custom level', check the search and it doesn't appear even with my username after it.

    Go to dailymotion instead. More videos by people not looking for views only. I used to use youtube and sometimes still do but Dailymotion is my main site (even though I never uploaded anything, yet).

    The user base on youtube is horrible too in my opinion, too. More popular a thing is more morons spam comments and things.

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