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Thread: Project64 1.7 Save Issue

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    Default Project64 1.7 Save Issue

    I am playing "All Star Baseball 2000" on Project64 version

    I can be playing for a while just fine, but when I Save and try to Load a saved state, I will be told that PJ64 is unable to load the saved state. I checked out the Save folder and the file has actually been erased. If I change save slots, I am still unable to save. I saw that some people on the main forums suggested opening the application as an Administrator, and I have the shortcut set to do that automatically.

    Has anyone had experience with this?

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    Default Re: Project64 1.7 Save Issue

    I had the same problem as you. It seems that when you save and load too many times in a row, the emulator starts to glitch up. When it doesn't load a save state, that means you broke the save stats, and if you try to save over a saved state the emulator will just remove it. So here's a tip, if you can't load anything when it happens again, DON'T SAVE! Just close off the emulator, then reopen it again. The problem will be fixed. I hope this help's you very much.

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