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Thread: Mic for Hey You Pikachu?

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    Exclamation Mic for Hey You Pikachu?

    So every 64emulator/ROM combo tells me Hey You Pikachu won't work because it needs a mic.
    Well, my laptop has a mic built-in, but apparently it won't acknowledge that.

    Is there an external mic that actually works or a program to bypass it?
    Or some other trick that won't run me $60+?
    Because honestly I see no point in sites keeping the ROM for that game when you can't even play it on a computer. Like honestly, that's just cruel to get someones hopes up.

    So. Solution, or should I just shell out the $60+ for a physical game and its components?

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    Default Re: Mic for Hey You Pikachu?

    I think you will need to spend the $60+, because I haven't heard of that game emulated yet.

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    Default Re: Mic for Hey You Pikachu?

    First off, very simple, put the microphone in your
    Then go to your configuration and see if it works
    Click Start -> Configuration -> Voice (or something
    of that sort) and then test it. If your microphone works it should work on
    Project 64 too, if it doesn't, check if your microphone volume is turned all the way up. Oh I just read that Project 64 hasn't programmed
    the microphone feature yet, and I guess you'd
    better not hope too much that they will because it
    will take much work.

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