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Thread: Multiple GCM Files on Dolphin, help please?

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    Question Multiple GCM Files on Dolphin, help please?

    I've downloaded a compressed zip of "The Sims Bustin' Out" for the GC and succesfully extracted all the RAR files into GCM files, but there are like, 11! I browse for the files in my x64 Dolphin Emulator and find them, but none of the individual files work. Is there a quick fix for this? Dolphin shows each GCM file is a separate playable "Game." I can't open them all at the same time in Dolphin as well. It's my first time actually using this emulator, so any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Multiple GCM Files on Dolphin, help please?

    They're probably splitted. Make sure all "zip" files are in the same folder and extract the first one. The rest will extract automatically and the file extracted will merge into one GCM file.

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    Default Re: Multiple GCM Files on Dolphin, help please?

    GCM files are never in multiples. My guess is someone did that on purpose. This happens a lot. No idea what they could be but rename then to rar and see it win rar can read them. A GMC is an ISO of sorts, you only get one file.
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