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Thread: Dolphin wii ssbb netplay

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    me and three friends are trying to get netplay to work for ssbb we all have pcs that can run bf3 on ultra but yet get low fps and verry low speeds in netplay solo we get about 60-70 speeds but 60fps we cannot for the life of us get this working and i know people have done it before from vids and forum posts does anyone have a set up that will work for us or have a good tut we can use.

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    Default Re: Dolphin wii ssbb netplay

    Never got it to work myself, I wouldn't hope for good netplay emulation for a few more years.

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    tons of vids like this i know its possible with our computers

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    netplay does not work right with dual core enabled. AND without dual core enabled you would need a 5 ghz cpu to hit 60fps. Only chip I know that can do that is a sandy bridge. Also netplay uses the system that is the slowest to negotiate the speed.
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