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    I'm just about to get setup with a couple of emulators on my windows xp machine.

    Never really used emulators before so just trying to get my head round how the controller stuff works.

    QUESTION 1) XBOX360 CONTROLLER - If I bought an xbox360 for windows controller for example, would it just work with all the emulators and games? or will i need to go into the settings for each emulator and setup the buttons - and i presume that I only need to do that once or do i need to setup buttons every time i want to play?

    What I'm basically trying to do is make it as easy as possible to use each time i play (so the kids can play etc).

    QUESTION 2) WIIMOTE - I have a few wiimotes lying about and have a compatible bluetooth adapter for the PC. does anyone have any experience of using the wiimote for pc emulation? specifically, do i need a seperate script for glovepie software for each emulator?

    any help gratefully received for an emulator newbie.
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    For all games you need 3 types of controllers IMO.
    some sort of play station or xbox
    a n64 the 3 button layout is great for arcade and sega as well.
    and wii-motes as dolphin support them well.

    You can also use your old console controller if you had some laying around. See my sig for a way to hook up any controller from any console to usb.
    Original, the only way to play.

    main page - Working controllers

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    The Xbox 360 controller will work fine, I use it for PSX emulation. As for NES, SNES, Genesis, and N64 I use my controllers from my old consoles using the adapter chips sold at RetroUSB

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    Xbox 360 controllers work if they are XInput compatible. Even though they work with the old DirectInput, you won't be able to use the shoulder buttons and triggers, unless you use a wrapper. Joy2Key is a great alternative for this.

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    I am actually awaiting my bluetooth dongle to arrive and have my wii mote ready to play on dolphin. I have done research after research and pretty sure i have it all down. Once my PC is bluetooth enabled and is proven to be working i will give you any info that will help.

    Also for X360 I usually use Xpadder and map out each and ever profile. Greatest program ever as of the moment i emulate the mouse movements that emulate the wii cursor with the 360 controller with the right stick, Wonderful for some games that aren't wiimote intesive. Such as Animal Crossing

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    Finally got my bluetooth dongle and have the wii mote running perfect!!!

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    oh my, Wiimote you say? Interesting ... hadn't thought about that.

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    Personally, I'm trying to figure out how to use a wired ps3 controller with epsxe...

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