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Thread: EmiX3: Playstation 3 emulator !!!!!!!!!!!!! ( FAKE )

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    But there is RPCS3 , idk if it is fake or real? But they have a youtube channel , just search "RPCS3" in Youtube.

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    Default Re: EmiX3: Playstation 3 emulator !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RPCS3 is legitimate. Not a fake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ulaoulao View Post
    Wow, some of the things that I read just kill me? Need??? Ok cool, your "new" but seriously , need? I need a application to rip of rich people and make me wealthy but that not going to happen. "need" serves little or no purpose in this world. Need leads to want, want leads to being greedy, being greedy leads to hate, hates ... leads to the dark side. o_0 No emulator has ever been written because of a need they are written for one reason only ( well two). Fun and sometimes money. The ones that aim for profit usually fail.

    Also emulation has very little to do with "power" and this is one of the biggest emulation misunderstandings. To put it simple... Take higan ( aka bsnes ). This emulator is a real emulator. It emulates ever aspect down to the chip level of the console. Then the game that is loaded is read in the very same way the console did it. Check out the requirements for that emulator someday... We dont have a powerful enough computer to this day to emulate any new gen then snes, its not possible! So not power is like a gross impossible understatement. So how do emulators like pj64/dolphin/pcsx do it? By interpreting and guessing. They read the games and talk to SDK's like Dirrect X. Its more like an intuitive liaison. This allows much less of a requirement on the cpu. The downfall here is the emulation suffers. Like some game wont play, or have defects, and areas you cant pass.

    Maybe even more... Though the biggest hurtle is not the power its that cpu. reverse engineering the cell is not going to be easy.
    so what is the big problem if the power of this processor is not the big problem ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by rossi View Post
    so what is the big problem if the power of this processor is not the big problem ???
    reverse engineering the cell
    Original, the only way to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghibly79 View Post
    In terms of raw power, no, you are wrong by leaps and bounds. PS3 being more powerful than modern computers (but even not so modern) is a die-hard urban legend which has no place at least in an informed forum like this ^^'

    To give out some figures, as a rough comparison, a gtx580 graphic card is rated at 1581 something Giga FLOPS for single precision floating point operations. It's not even the top of the line card anymore and you can have more than one in a system, but let's move on.
    A modern PC cpu is another 100 ish GFLOPS (best core i7 is around 120).

    A ps3's cell processor is rated at 230 someting GFLOPS and its GPU (reality synthetizer) 400 something.

    So, in terms of processing power a game rigged pc is 3-5 times more powerful depending on the components. Even not so new systems should be at least 2x. Not to mention total ram avaiable. Of course games coded for ps3 tend to be more optimized (hardware stays the same for every user, not the case for PCs) so its resources are better used, but the difference is still big.

    The problem is emulators take code written for another platform and translate it on the fly for a system not made to run it, and this takes up enormous resources. And more importantly emulators as of today rely mostly on the CPU and can't take full advantage of GPU's (would require a complete porting of the game code). And as you can see from what I wrote above unfortunately the vast majority of power resides in GPUs.
    Thank you very much this is what I was looking for

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