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Thread: Gamers giving gaming community a bad name.

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    Default Gamers giving gaming community a bad name.

    ive posted a few long replies to threads lately and one of them made me post this thread for some reason...

    im wondering whether i should worry about this at all or whether it is something really worth talking about (not that it could change it very much).

    Well ive been a bit obsessed with bullying (though i DEFINATELY would NOT call this bullying to the extreme in the example) ever since someone in my state commit suicide over online bullying and school bullying.
    No offence to major fans of this genre (including me) but i know for a fact it mostly goes on in FPS's and MMORPG's. Why is it if someone is new to a game that some players feel the need to express dominance over another player (mostly through a mic) by constantly bagging them. Is it because they cant see you? Because there are no real consequences since banning one account can result in just making another but there are no REAL consequences? idk but it does kind of annoy me when i hear a 24 year old bagging on a 13 year old on an MMORPG becuase he is 13?!?! this dude, hes not even trollin. no joke. hes for real like... wow. i mean, our obviously a low individual if you pick on someone more than 10 years younger than you.

    Whats anyones opinion on this topic, i know its weird and i feel im partially betraying my community by sort of downplaying it but you know, its getting noticed. non avid gamers are realising these occurences and are probably like wow, why should i play a game with low lifes that bag on 13 year olds... even worse some people agree its right to bag them becuase they went through it!?!?!?! doesnt make sense to me.

    again, i am not comparing this to suicide in any way. its just that the incident made me more aware of the so called "cyber-bullying".

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    Default Re: Gamers giving gaming community a bad name.

    First of all MMORPG games are games just to get people fat,lazy,couch potatoes,and fantasy fanatics.I am a fan of rpgs but rpgs are something play them like 30 minutes every day until you get over the game.But MMORPGs are endless human torturers.In mmos there is always something new,like weapons,armor.They even put a price on some unique weapons and armors,so the player spends money on virtual weapons,instead of spending them there they could donate the money to a village in Africa.
    I would love that all WOW servers get hacked by the new hacking group called Anonymous.I mean if they can hack and destroy goverment sites from pentagon and nasa,they could surely hack the WOW game servers.So the people would spend more time out than on their smelly chairs.And about that suicides i feel sorry for all people that have been cyber mocked,and for all people who commited suicide due to internet mocking.
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    Default Re: Gamers giving gaming community a bad name.

    Thank you for replying!!!

    I definately agree with you when it comes to how MMORPG's lately are just begging for cash. If you think about it, it really is kind of cruel. Its like giving a tempting a drug addict into more drugs by showing them they can have it. But only for an increased cost. While I think people who take drugs made a bad decision, the overall goal is to stop it. Not to be angry at them for their mistakes. Hence perhaps WOW getting hacked by "Anonymous" is a bit of a risky decision; since people are learning that the internet is becoming less safe because of these hackers and this might turn some people off online gaming in general in the near future. Though I must admit, it can be difficult to hold back anger and it can be easy to blame a whole genre due to the stereotyped perception of some gamers (as no-life, easily worked-up, short-fused) but forget some that simply do this as a hobby or find it fun without such an emotion as to think they are superior for achieving virtual success. I don't think anyone wants the internet to be seen as more of a curse than a gift. I do wish there was less "bribery" in MMORPG's and less "over-confidence" or "cockiness" in FPS's especially. People get so caught up in the game that they forget that it was wholly designed to be entertaining not a place to prove how good you are. But the over-riding fact of human-beings is that we are competitive by nature and these occurrences happen naturally, but I think that we as humans can ignore the unnecessary competitiveness in video-games if we tryed hard enough. We can do it, it's definately possible. Thats why I must respect RPG's to the upmost like you do as well. They are the perfect example a game genre that is difficult to determine how good you are at it through competitiveness, thus nullifying it. It's more about the story-line than trick-shots, it's more about the character's personality than how good your armor looks. I could go on for ages why I like RPG's so much, but one thing that stands out is that for an RPG, is that it requires story over extreme graphics or gameplay. You can keep the gameplay simple and even the graphics can be simple if the company wants (though nowaday's, graphics and effects are a great addition to many games) and still make an excellent game. After all, it is a role-playing game, so really, its almost like an interactive movie or play, even a book. I mean, we invite new gamers and incourage people to play games or join us in gaming yet all we can give them in return is hate (for being new, or "weighing them down" in-game) if you know what i mean. Thanks for the support and I hope we can spread the message further before we, as gamers ourselves, single-handedly destroy peoples will to join this community. Before we single-handedly ruin the advertisment for the community of whom I know have some great people.
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    Default Re: Gamers giving gaming community a bad name.

    I think your absolutely right the trash talking to little kids is getting out of hand. People have no lives and no jobs its sad that they are that bored that they have to pick on others to make themselves feel better.I recently just got back in college and i overheard someone talking about this issue as well so your not the only one who knows about this.

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    Default Re: Gamers giving gaming community a bad name.

    I see what you are saying with this. I have the exact same feel about Social Networking sites (*coughfacebookcough*) along with some of these. I also agree with testmachine in hoping that sites like these get hacked and screwed up. People need a harsh dose of reality; Not everything revolves around status updates,"friends", and the fact that you can get better gear because you have the money to. I would go on, but this is all I have at the moment. Also just to note, I'm 15, if anyone is wondering. To me it means there might still be hope for my generation.

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    Default Re: Gamers giving gaming community a bad name.

    Bullying seems to be the real issue here.

    I don't know but why do some people take offensive/derogatory remarks so seriously?
    I do understand that this is very dangerous if directed at children since they remember a lot for a long time.
    But "reasonably" learned people don't really get absorbed.

    Cyber bullying is mostly verbal (I'm not entirely aware of what else goes on in-game) so players shouldn't really read or listen to it.
    I'm not saying that people should just accept it but why let it affect your life?
    Even the bullies don't really care about it.

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    Default Re: Gamers giving gaming community a bad name.

    So the people would spend more time out than on their smelly chairs

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    Default Re: Gamers giving gaming community a bad name.

    I hate modern gaming to extents because I feel in the next gen games it will be just lazily churned out sequels to bad games.

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