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Thread: PCSX2 - My save state has become corrupt!

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    Default PCSX2 - My save state has become corrupt!

    As the title says, my save state has become corrupt! Here's some info:
    - I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 2 using a disc.
    - I was playing normally until suddenly I pressed F1 (save state) and then my emulator crashed.
    - When I tried to reload the state, this is the error I received: (copy/paste from the log)
    Loading savestate from slot 0...
    filename: C:\Users\USER\Desktop\PS2\sstates\SLES-54114 (C398F477).00.p2s
    EE/iR5900-32 Recompiler Reset
    [wx] bad zipfile offset to entry
    Path: C:\Users\USER\Desktop\PS2\sstates\SLES-54114 (C398F477).00.p2s
    (pxActionEvent) Cannot read from file (bad file handle?)(VM_UnzipFromDisk)
    Is anyone able to help me? I really don't want to restart my game as I have already made decent progress through it.

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    Default Re: PCSX2 - My save state has become corrupt!

    When was the last time you saved in-game? I havent much experience with this specific emulator, but what it looks like From the log file is that the emulator uses a saved state format that uses zip compression. Do you know if it can be uncompressed and just substituted as the saved state or loaded manually?

    Other then this, have you used any other save slots? Maybe you can save there in stead.
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