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Thread: SpeedHack: PCSX2, DeSmuMe & Cheat Engine

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    Default SpeedHack: PCSX2, DeSmuMe & Cheat Engine

    So a thought popped into my head. I notice PCSX2 has Speedhack and so does Cheat Engine and I was wondering if its possible to use Cheat Engine's Speedhack to make PCSX2 faster also DeSmuMe had the words "speed hack" in the Emulation Settings and I was thinking maybe DeSmuMe is slow because because it doesn't have that "file" in order to have a speedhack, but I said maybe, just maybe I could use Cheat Engine's Speedhack on DeSmuMe too.

    PCSX2 Speedhack

    DeSmuMe Speedhack

    Cheat Engine Speedhack [Steps 1, 2 & 3, from Top to Bottom]

    I'm going to test this Theory, but I'm wondering if this works with other people.
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