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Thread: Blue Dragon:Awakened Shadow problem

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    Default Blue Dragon:Awakened Shadow problem

    here is the thing.When i want to play the game with No$GBA the game wont advance to game.I press New Game the button just flickers and it stays on the main menu.On DeSmuMe the game runs almost perfect.It runs from 35 to 50 Frames per second.
    I have seen somewhere that this game needs a patch to work.please tell me if that is true,and if so can you upload and post a link

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    Default Re: Blue Dragon:Awakened Shadow problem

    Weird I'm able to play it. I think your right about the Patch, because the Rom I have shows "Venom" Logo before it starts.
    Do you flash or EMULATE?
    I could help with DS, PS2, etc Emulators and a Link for updating Flashcards.
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