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Thread: How to Disc Switch on ePSXe

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    Hey there! I finally gave in and downloaded epsxe 1.6 to swap the memory around. It sounds complicated and like a lot of work, but it's really not! I made a video tutorial. I hope it helps!

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    Default How to Disc Switch on ePSXe

    Hey guys Im trying to burn a single Neo4All disc with roms included but Im having trouble figuring things out. I downloaded the emulator from the developers page but it comes with three folders, isos, normal and standalone which confuses me. Ive tried searching around but most tutorials talk about stand alone games but I want the emulator roms on one disc. I know you need to use bootdream but could someone give me step by step instructions on how to do this? Thank you

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    1. file before changing the disk and restart the game
    2. tips for the disk, press ESC to return the original window, the file - > CD > replace choose ISO or CDROM-> and then continue to run,

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